Morning Brew – Wednesday, November 10: “Dancing with the Stars” wants Portia, the trailer for lesbian film “Slip Away”


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On last night’s Dancing with the Stars in Israel, the same-sex couple did well, with the judges (including guest Pamela Anderson) enjoying their rumba.

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And rumor has it this has spawned some interest in the US. reports an insider told them:

The show is definitely looking for a trick for its next edition that will go up against American Idol. What better than to have a same-sex couple dancing together? That would certainly get more press than even Jennifer Lopez could drum up.

Nothing would be as sensational as two beautiful women dancing together. Two men would be less accepted as two gorgeous ladies, that is why the producers’ first choice is Portia de Rossi, who is married to Ellen DeGeneres. Portia is perfect because she is openly gay and happily married to her wife, who happens to be one of America’s most loved celebrities. She is not controversial like Rosie and would be an inspiration to gay teens throughout the country.

After seeing her do the chicken dance on Arrested Development, she obviously has the rhythm required. Give it a go, Portia.

Yesterday I told you Sue Sylvester is getting married. Now it looks like we have no idea as to who she’s actually marrying — girl or guy. Jane Lynch‘s Glee co-star Jenna Ushkowitz said of Lynch’s spouse, “You know her.” But then Harry Shum Jr. later confused us all with the statement, “You know him.” OK, guess we’ll just have to watch.

Speaking of Glee, Dot Jones talked with about last night’s episode. Here’s what she had to say about “Never Been Kissed.”

I was so excited. It’s such a heartbreaking episode and yet so rewarding. And how cute are those boys singing that Katy Perry song? I have it on my Facebook page. We watched the episode on the set. I was like, “Oh my God, this is amazing.” Matt [Morrison] and I saw each other afterwards and he goes, “Come here. Give me a kiss!”

While we’re waiting for a new episode of Girl/Girl Scene, here’s an interview with stars Jack Cofer (Elliot) and Joe Elswick (Jessie) to tide you over.

Out actress MIchelle Bonila has written and stars in the new film Slip Away. The lesbian-themed thriller also features Thea Gill, Hal Sparks and Wilson Cruz.

Check out the site for more information on the film.

Kevin Sorbo told Blackbook magazine that Lucy Lawless wasn’t the original pick for Xena. But first, he calls the show the “lesbian spin-off” of Hercules, causing the writer to ask if Lucy is gay.

I don’t know. She’d never admit one way or another, trust me. She didn’t wanna lose that crowd. She did end up marrying the executive producer, which I think is how she got the role. They had another actress slated for the part. Vanessa Angel, she was on that series Weird Science. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that show. She played the platinum blonde in that movie Kingpin.

What a different show that would have been.

Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia refused to allow a 15-year-old girl to bring her girlfriend to a dance. She’s since transferred schools.

Ever wondered what the tough and gritty world of competitive floral design might look like? Check out The Arrangement tonight at 10/9c on Logo. This week’s episode features a drag queen invasion!

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