Morning Brew – Friday, November 5: I Blame Coco says lesbian fans prefer La Roux to her, “Corrie” wins an award


Hi all! Are you still upset about last night’s Grey’s Anatomy? We’ll get through this together. And that’s all I can say without a spoiler warning.

The Yale Daily News has a Q&A with director Kimberly Peirce in which she discusses what inspires her as a filmmaker and her own gender identity. An excerpt:

I call myself queer. I don’t identify as a lesbian or as a transsexual. We all go through phases throughout our life, so that’s why I identify as queer. But I’m probably somewhere close to transgender because I’m very much masculine as well as feminine. It’s just within me. I enjoy my feminism, but I certainly don’t revel in it in the same way many people do. I just am what I am. Lots of people feel freer these days, but there are still horrible things happening. There is more dialogue than there was. If you have the feeling of not being in the right body, there is more opportunity for self–acceptance today.

I personally identify her as hot, but that’s just me.

Remember when we thought Corrie Street was going to totally suck up a lesbian storyline? Well the jokes on us — not only does it rule, but it won a Stonewall Award for Broadcast of the Year. OK, we’re all good as long as neither of the lesbians jumps out of a plane.

Kisses of celebration!

The Big C creator says we’ll hopefully see more of Cynthia Nixon on Season 2. She told Backstage:

We’re hoping to … really explore her relationship with Laura. If you’re dealing with a disease or deciding on treatment, you need a good friend around, so we’ll see their relationship explored and exposed more.

But as for the rest of this season, the lesbians are coming! Marlene’s daughter Lorna (played by Polly Draper) will be stopping by with her partner Gina (Deborah Hedwall) on Nov. 15’s “Taking the Plunge” episode.

It looks like Christina from The Bad Girls Club is on the rocks with her girlfriend Lauren. She told the Miami New-Times:

Right now we are working on things. Not really. Going through a situation like this is a really hard thing; it’s a huge wear and tear on a relationship. It’s one day at a time.

I am an open person, but for her it was something way different to have her whole life out there.

I wonder what it was that did it — the taking off of the promise ring and calling Lauren nuts or the admission that she doesn’t like guys but could possibly think of having sex with one because she’s a “bad girl.”

One of the most lesbian songs ever written was by a man, named Jonathan Richman. He performed (and I do mean performed) the song on Jimmy Fallon this week.

That’s right — lesbian bars are the most carefree and fun to dance in, unless you’re a single girl trying to get a date.

Singer I Blame Coco is the daughter of Sting, and she’s got quite an androgynous look, as a recent interviewer pointed out. They asked if she has ever had any of her lesbian fans throw bras at her on stage. Her response:

No, I haven’t, uh, Elly has though, Elly Jackson. That’s not happened to me yet, I doubt it will ever happen.

What? You mean Elly of La Roux has lesbian fans? Get out!

This week on’s Ask the Celebrity Expert, Sia answers how to tell your parents about your girlfriend.

Agree? Disagree? Willing to try it out?

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Have a fab weekend.

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