New Music Tuesday: 11-2-2010


Happy Tuesday everybody! I started my morning out by voting in our Gubernatorial and Senate elections this morning and now I’m counting down the minutes until the attack ad commercials are finally off of my TV screen. For some reason, politicians can’t seem to tell us what they’re going to do to make our country better – they can only tell us that their competitors don’t like children and puppies.

Mariah CareyMerry Christmas II You (Island Def Jam)

If any of you thought for one second that the top spot this week wouldn’t be going to Princess Mimi’s Christmas album, you should be punished by listening to the L Word theme song 50 times on repeat. When it comes to Christmas, all I think about is Mariah Carey (OK, and ordering Thai food and going to the movie theater for the first time since last Christmas). I think I’ve confessed right here in this very column to listening to “All I Want for Christmas is You” no matter what season it is. That is my jam.

This latest release from “The Voice” already has a hip shaker in, “Oh Santa”, and is making this little Jewish girl get her halls decked with some shimmies and shakes. Is it weird that I get so into this and both Sister Act movies?

Charlotte ChurchBack to Scratch (Dooby Records)

She’s got a poppy, Lite-FM, early ’90s vibe – like I’d want to wear my slap bracelets and scrunchies and maybe French roll my jeans while listening to this album.

Black DubI Believe in You (Jive Records)

Lead singer Trixie Whitley sings with a jazzy soul that reminds me of Joan Osbourne and maybe a little Taylor Dayne and Aretha Franklin. It’s a strong debut album with their track, “Surely,” being my standout favorite.

Sunshine AndersonThe Sun Shines Again (The Verve Music Group)

I love me some R. Kelly jams, and her songs are basically stories with a smooth, sweet-talking narrator. R&B is such a great genre because you can write a hate-note to someone or a shopping list and sing it in the sexiest way possible and somehow it totally makes sense.

Matt and KimSidewalks (Fader Label)

Cutesy indie pop that will inevitably make you want to smile at strangers walking down the street, open doors for strangers and hug.

Honorable Mentions: N.E.R.D. (this is hot!), Elvis Costello, Darkstar, Brian Eno, Good Charlotte, Brad Paisley, For Colored Girls (soundtrack), City Champs (for my soul/jazz lovers), Bear Hands, AfroCubism and Weezer.

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