Good Game: 11 Best Video Game Atmospheres of 2010


7. Tron: Evolution (Dec. 17, Xbox/PS3/PC)  — inside a video game

The environment is the enemy in this game, as you try to rescue your father from the dangerous video game he’s trapped inside of. 

6. Disney Epic Mickey (Nov. 26, Wii) — Cartoon Wasteland

Paint and paint thinner are

used to create and remove objects in the landscape as you try to outwit

and outrun a world populated by cartoon characters with bad


5. Fallout New Vegas (Oct. 19 Xbox/PS3/PC) — Post-Apocalyptic Last Vegas,  2280

Although the previews don’t show much of the Fallout Vegas

world, the desolate, irradiated environment is always the most important character in the series.

4. Fable 3 (Oct. 26 Xbox/PS3/PC) — Kingdom of Albion

The Fable

games are known for their gorgeous graphics, and this one’s even better, with charming buildings,

beautiful scenery, and colorful special effects.

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