The Weekly Geek: “Star Wars” in 3D


Usually, when I’m writing about Star Wars, it comes in the form of a weird new product (like the Princess Leia perfume), or some piece of fan art. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of the musings concern the fair Princess herself, “root” to a million (and counting!), nerdy young lesbians. Not so this week – I have news about the big, bad, blockbuster movies themselves.

Fans will soon have a new excuse to wear their Jedi robes in public: all six of the franchise films are slated to be re-released theatrically in 2012, sporting new 3D makeovers. Variety has the scoop, which notes that the 3D re-releases have been hinted at before, and that the series will start out with Episode 1 (so, it will go in terms of the story timeline, not release chronology). According to the mag, “exact release date has not been announced, but a Lucasfilm spokesperson said the pic will open wide and ‘as close to day and date (worldwide) as possible.'”

image via Gizmodo

The prospect of six Star Wars pics released in 3D should stifle speculation that the format is a fading fad. It also promises to reintroduce the franchise to young auds who are used to 3D and only know Star Wars from homevideo and the Clone Wars Cartoon Network skein.

I imagine that most people who read the news either googled ways to pre-order a ticket almost two years ahead of time or immediately vomited at the prospect of watching Episodes 1-3 again. It’s a bit hard for me to get excited about this, since it could be quite a while before we get to the good stuff — but you can bet I’ll be first in line once The Empire Strikes Back goes 3D.

If nothing else, than at least a whole new generation will come to know — and hate — Jar Jar Binks and all that he represents. Think of it as a rite of passage.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more low-fi and nerdy (and perhaps borderline NSFW), check out this 8-bit parody of Cee Lo’s epic “F–k You.” Imagined from the point of view of a spurned NES system, complete with wonderfully awful visuals that mimic the Cee-Lo version, it’s a hilarious re-imagining.

Wired writes:

Brendan Becker, better known by his artist name Inverse Phase, told by phone that he understands the NES’s plight.”

“This is like the NES crying out, ‘Why did you leave me?” said Becker, who was a Sega kid. “And that’s pretty much exactly what Cee Lo does in his song except that it’s, you know, just about dudes and chicks.”

It also translates quite easily to chicks and chicks, am I right?

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