Styled Out: Saddle up


I’m generally obscenely ahead of the rest of the crowd when it comes to planning out my perfect Halloween costume and I’m more than enthusiastic about giving my friends and family any assistance they might need when trying to concoct the perfect ensemble for the holiday’s events. No, I’m not going to force you along on my preemptive journey, but I was super inspired by my dear friend Alicia, an urban cowgirl of sorts, who recently paid me and the Pacific Northwest a visit.

I always think it’s best to kind of go close to what you know and who you are in regards to dressing up for Halloween, which is why I was begging my friend to dress up as Annie Oakley this year. For you folks, here’s a few suggestions to bring out your inner western self out of its shell.

As I’m sure all of my regular readers are familiar with, I’m a huge fan of the Frye brand, and if we’re looking for a great cowboy boot for the price, they’ve got it.

Good leather will inevitably last longer than a synthetic knock-off, but I totally get it if you’re not able to throw down for the most authentic at the moment, (or a vegan for that matter), check these out.

I love a good braid as much as I love a good beer. You can tie up the ends on any outfit if you happen to have some longer locks to twist into place. Better yet, if you happen to be sporting some sort of early ’90s tail or the ever popular “lesbian ducktail” haircut, you can have a braid of your own in no time. I realize that all of you out there probably aren’t beauty operators like myself, so I’m going to direct you to this handy instructional video on how to do so.

One way to really mix up your wardrobe without buying an entirely new one is to throw in an accessory or five, and when you get an awesome belt that you can you change the buckle on anytime you damn well please, you’re getting just that. Many a street festival and flea market are pretty likely to have a table with an assortment for you to pick one. If you can’t find any that you like there, build your own fancy one at Gold Mountain Trading. They basically look good with everything.

Will you be riding off into the sunset of authenticity?

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