Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 24, 2010): “Lip Service,” Lady Gaga and the “It Gets Better Project”


Lip Service. Will a show about lesbian relationships, friendships and life finally be worth watching? From the look of the new preview clips, it sure seems that way.

Jamie Lauren and Tiffani Faison. The out chefs will return to Bravo for Top Chef All Stars in December. Order up!

Rachel Maddow. The pundit had a sense of humor about herself when (fake) accused of being a “lesbian vampire.” She rocked a set of fangs on her show, making us all hope that Alan Ball is up for some stunt casting for the next season of True Blood.

LA Weekly. The Los Angeles alternative paper put JD Samson on its cover and talked in-depth with the out musician about Le Tigre, being a queer icon and what we can expect from MEN’s debut album.

Showtime. The network has renewed both Weeds and The Big C and, so far, isn’t pushing any new Real L Word episodes on us.

Invincible. The out MC fought to have MTVU play her video, “Ropes,” highlighting people with mental illness and depression. After she teamed up with the organization Half of Us and her fans came to her defense, the network decided to play the video and commended Invincible for bringing the issue to light.

60 Minutes (Australia). The show’s segment on gay youth included an interview with Ruby Rose (who talked about being bullied and beaten for being a lesbian teen) and a profile of a high school with a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to homophobia.

Mary McAleese. The Irish President declined New York City’s invitation to be the Grand Marshal of the 2011 St. Patrick’s Day Parade because the LGBT community is not permitted to march in the parade under their own banners. Wankers!

The “It Gets Better Project” . Writer Dan Savage and his husband, Terry, have launched a new video project to let gay teens know life gets better after high school. You now have a noble reason to talk about yourself on camera, so go make your own video and post it to their site!

Lady Gaga. The bisexual singer’s “Prime Rib of America” speech in Maine was a lively and impassioned demand for equality and the end of DADT. Too bad the Senate didn’t bite.

Qrushr. The female-version of Grindr debuts for lesbians, helping find other women near them that are willing to, uh, get close. This comes the same week they decide to close the sex ads on Craigslist. Supply and demand, or just a really bad idea?

Kayla’s Top Model makeover. The out lesbian contestant went from blonde to blinding red, with an elongated bowl cut that made her look like Dumb Donald on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. Dumb Donald ≠Fierce!

Jodie Foster. After sticking up for her Beaver co-star, Mel Gibson, the actress has now signed on to star in a Roman Polanski film. She doesn’t have the best taste in men.

Nicki Minaj. The MC continues to backpedal on her previous claims of bisexuality and Sapphically-inclined lyrics. We just can’t figure out what she wants from us or what she’s really about. It seems like she’s not so sure either.

New Jersey. After the New York Times ran the announcement of Kelly McGillis‘s civil union with her partner, Melanie Leis, several other outlets ran items about the two having been legally wed. Unfortunately, in New Jersey, they can’t be legally wed and a civil union comes with some significant differences. #FAIL

Justin Bieber. Did you know there was a Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber bar party? This whole thing really just needs to stop.

Alex Jones. The conservative radio show host went on a rant about how “the government” is trying to make everyone gay by placing “chemicals” in juice boxes, all in the name of population control. No way! That means we’d have no military!

Jaye Collins. The basketball coach created Kentucky’s Lady Legends basketball team specifically for young girls who want to be “proud and secure” with the fact that they are not lesbians. It probably backfired for some girls, who will later admit they signed up as soon as they saw the word “lesbian.”

The office of Sen. Saxby Chambliss. Someone in the Georgia senator’s office wrote “All faggots must die” on Joe.My.God.’s blog thread on DADT. So far, no one from the office has come forward to acknowledge they visit Joe.My.God. or any other gay blogs.

Senator John McCain. After putting a stop to the discussion of repealing DADT on the senate floor this week, the Senator denied claims that the government hunts gays in the military in order to kick them out. Despite proof, he kept repeating the one thing he had rehearsed earlier that day: “That’s not the policy. That’s not the policy.” Someone should have asked, “Are you ever telling the truth?” so he could reply “That’s not the policy.”

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