Styled Out: Emily’s favorite style blogs


I like to think that I know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to style, but real style is a matter of opinion. I’d love to share with you a few style blogs that never cease to spark the fashion fire within my heart and make me swoon like a teenager in love.

You know you should respect your elders, and Ari Seth Cohen has found an innovative way to do just that. Let me have the honor of being the first to introduce you to Advanced Style. As a fan of style across the decades, I love both the classic and modern looks portrayed in the photo documentation on his blog. The stories accompanying the elderly icons aren’t too shabby, either.

Femmes! Some would argue that we don’t have a very hard time finding clothing, but the truth is that it’s quite difficult to find a fun yet functional wardrobe that not only suits our tastes, but also maybe sends a slight nod to the world that indeed, we are queer, too. Fit For A Femme offers insight into one femme’s tastes, with glimpses of her girlfriend’s (a true butch) style as well. I also adore Sublime Femme, as it has a little bit of everything that I love and care about.

Dapper Queer is nothing short of amazing. It doesn’t matter what “category” you’ve decided to throw yourself into, you’ll find some help and inspiration here. They draw from every area (and era) of the free world, creating a progressive and broad spectrum of style.

Honorable mentions include The Sartorialist and Michelle Tea’s Ironing Board Collective, only because those two get a lot of play and you might already know about them (ahem, because they were mentioned in previous Styled Out posts).

Know any secret sweet spots that I should be aware of?

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