Morning Brew – Friday, September 17: Lady Gaga takes to YouTube for gay rights, Winona Ryder dons a tie at TIFF


Happy Friday!

Lady Gaga has a message for her fans, and anyone else that will listen. I don’t care if you don’t like her music, you have to acknowledge that she’s using her platform as an international pop star to speak out for LGBT rights and that’s something she should be supported in and commended for.

DirectBuy will not let straight women shop at their store without their husbands. But if you’re a lesbian? You have to bring your partner. This is bad news for the butch women who prefer to purchase their products alone, without commentary from the femme peanut gallery.

Winona Ryder donned a tie and blazer combo to the Black Swan press conference at TIFF this week and People is holding a poll in response: “Girly-Girl or Tomboy: Which Look Do You Like Better on Winona Ryder?” I know you have an opinion on this, Winos. says we’re all wasting our time if we Tweet at 50 Cent about how anti-gay violence is wrong. The lesbian columnist of Girl on Girl argues that GLAAD is wasting their time and resources on a lost cause. I’d like to borrow a line from the finale of True Blood‘s to respond to this: “You just rationalized away any need for LGBT rights enforcement.”

Queer writer Liz Armstrong has taken on a new gig as online editor of Readymade. For her first blog, she writes about the “butch craft.” She writes:

Butch—something hyper-masculine so that it almost parodies itself, or a masculine veneer applied to something inherently feminine—is one of those slippery concepts that lubricates itself with confusion the more you try to define it. I wear dresses, heels, makeup, but prefer to hold the door open, fix the doorjamb, change the tire. What makes something less girl than boy? Are these terms relevant anymore? Are we being sexist for even talking about it? And do you really want a gender and queer theory discussion hovering around your accent table?

Well yes, I do, but I also just thought about something I never pondered before: how gay is my furniture?

Out TV writer Elizabeth Sarnoff‘s new show, Alcatraz, has gotten picked up by Fox and will be in development for the next year. There doesn’t appear to be anything else lesbian about it, since it focuses on the infamous (all male) prison where Al Capone once lived.

Sometimes, even straight politicians with anti-gay stances have lesbians in their families. Can you imagine the holidays in those homes?

The Adrienne Shelly Foundation is holding an auction to support the organization that gives money to women filmmakers. Besides that being reason enough to bid, you can win a lunch with Jane Lynch or Gina Gershon, a set visit to The Rachel Maddow Show or Stephanie Miller Show, or tickets to Ellen — and that’s just some of the options. Check it out on ebay before it goes live Sept. 20.

Out musician Sea of Bees talked with The New Gay about how she has changed from writing songs about men to women on her new album:

When I wrote the album it was right when I started coming into Sacto and I didn’t know any of the people there or how they felt, and I just couldn’t come out. I was scared. I was making new friends in a new city and it just seemed like too much. When I sang songs I wanted it to be universal like, “OK that’s cool she’s singing about a guy with a beard,” cause that’s cool. Everyone wants a guy with a beard. Everyone wants Iron & Wine. For me I want a nice little indie girl with long hair but I didn’t feel like I could sing “I saw her with long hair…” and have some little girl in suburbia asking her mom why I was singing about a girl. Now I feel like I can really come out on my next album and it will be OK.

Clare Balding‘s complaint against the AA Gill piece in the Sunday Times calling her a “dyke on a bike” was upheld by the PCC. Wise choice, PCC.

Check back today for an interview with our own Lindsey Byrnes, casting news from The Good Wife and more. Have a great weekend!

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