Styled Out: Cardigans, sweaters and skinny jeans


The impending autumn weather is pretty much always an awakening of awesome for me and this year is no exception. I’m in a new terrain (the Pacific Northwest) and will get to enjoy the effects of the season longer than a lot of you folks. Don’t get too jealous.

What can you look forward to fashion-wise this fall? Lots!

For starters, tinting your locks is going to get a whole lot easier and modern, folks. The look is “grown out,” with darker roots and lighter ends in a meticulously haphazard way. What this means for you is cost-effective yet ultra cool color that lasts longer than your bleach and tone of days of old.

Fuzzy, over-sized sweaters are something everyone can agree on and few have a distaste for. What’s not to love about being super snuggly all the livelong day and looking rather stylish while you’re doing it? I really like this one by label Elizabeth and James. It screams cuddle fest yet cute. I also like the long cardigan from Free People.

Don’t live in the coolest of climates? No worries, I didn’t forget about you. Oversized button-ups are going to be wildly popular and are going to be available most everywhere. Levi’s has a few to choose from and has a great denim one available if you’re looking to tie a couple of trends together in one neat little package.

I’m happy to report that the whole “flared jeans are coming back this fall” rumor has not come to fruition (at least not yet) so you can breathe easy and keep rocking the skinnies. Let’s face it: they look good with nearly everything.

Are you ready for fall?

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