Morning Brew – Wednesday, September 15: Jane Lynch thanks Ellen for being a trailblazer, Val McDermid on lesbian fiction


Happy Hump Day!

Vanessa Carlton performed at Fashion’s Night Out in New York City last week. She was at the flagship Ann Taylor store on Madison Avenue where she performed songs from her upcoming album Rabbits on the Run.

A fashionable bisexual woman? Get out!

While on Ellen‘s show this week, Jane Lynch talked about being closeted before getting into Hollywood. Jane also said that Ellen blazed the trail for her.

I’m so confused — which one is which?!? They are both blonde and lesbians! is reporting that TNT will be picking up HawthoRNe for a third season, which means we’ll likely see more of lesbian nurse Kelly and, possibly, Sara Gilbert, if she’s not too preoccupied with The Talk.

Speaking of Sara, she was out with her son at the L.A. Farmer’s Market yesterday. What a cute pair.

Love La Roux? You can get her new digital remix LP, In For the Kill, online now.

In other music news, Tegan and Sara have recorded a cover of Gavin DeGraw‘s One Tree Hill theme song, “I Don’t Want to Be.” The catch is you actually have to watch the show to hear them perform it.

Shunda K is teaming up with her old Yo Majesty groupmate Shon B for a single called “I’m Da Best,” which will be released Oct. 25. I’m sure it’ll be hot — I loved “Club Action.”

Women’s site gave advice to a woman who thinks she might be a lesbian and wants to let other women know she’s interested in them. Here’s how it begins:

In very much the same way you show a gentleman you’re into him: eye contact, smiling, unnecessary touching of arms or hands, showing interest in the things that interest her, and ultimately asking her out — or saying yes if she asks you. Give her flowers or some other token of affection, like a book she mentioned or a food she said she loved. Mostly all the same rules apply, regardless of the gender of your object of affection.

It’s pretty sound advice, actually, so if you’re still unsure yourself, give it a read.

The new film Tamara Drewe is about a group of writers on retreat, all looking for a little inspiration. The resident lesbian crime writer Eustacia is played by Bronagh Gallagher. Based on a graphic novel of the same name, the film is more focused on the men all chasing Tamara, but several reviews have cited Eustacia as one of the film’s best characters.

Real life author Val McDermid wrote a piece for The Independent on the growing genre of lesbian fiction, and how she’s had a hand in it the last two decades. An excerpt:

I like to think that’s something to do with the way I write about lesbians. I don’t write novels that indulge in special pleading or political point-scoring. I don’t set out to hammer home a message or to titillate. And I’m not a separatist. I spend most of my life in a small village where my wife and I are the only out lesbians, but we are as much a part of the community as anyone else, and that’s how I write about my gay characters. They’re not weirdos or freaks – well, not unless the plot demands it. They’re integrated members of society whose stories are no more or less interesting or important than anyone else’s.

From Radclyffe Hall to the present day success of Sarah Waters, McDermid covers it all, and things are looking up.

Zypher Williams is shopping around her documentary-style reality series Honey Child to networks, hoping to provide a better show about lesbian life than The Real L Word. South Florida Gay News writes “she will be filming in almost 10 cities from California, through the deep south, to New Jersey. Students, artists, athletes, professionals and women who are trying to sort out their sexuality in the world and – ultimately – their life as women who love other women.” We’ll keep you posted on her progress.

Have a lovely day.

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