Styled Out: Tux representation


I don’t know if you’ve heard or not, but Mississippi is in hot water over their apparent distaste for lesbian youth yet again, this time for excluding a young woman, Ceara Sturgis, who chose to wear a tuxedo in her yearbook photo from being featured for all time on those pages with the rest of her class. The southern part of the United States is pretty predictable in their feelings about homos, but Mississippi has really outdone themselves this year. This particular bigotry took place in an entirely different district than the one that Constance McMillen attended school in, meaning hate is pretty wide spread in the Magnolia state.

There are so many other places in the good old U.S.of A that you can take off to for the rest of your formative years where you can wear a tux everyday if you feel like it. Queer collectives all over the place are doing second chance proms, too so if you were robbed of your dream tuxedo the first time around, you get the chance to try it all over again — maybe even with the date you want.

Hugo Boss makes tuxedos and suits that are a touch more slim fit, making it easier for you to get a bangin’ awesome penguin suit that won’t take a million alterations in order for it to fit you properly. I have first hand experience with the folks at Nordstrom, who happen to carry the label and not only will they do your alterations for free, they are more than understanding about a lady trying to find a tux that isn’t necessarily resembling a traditional “ladies pants suit,” which — let’s face it — is usually not at all what you’re looking for.

A weirdly cheap website that I stumbled upon is FormalTux which features a surprisingly decent selection of tuxes made for women that don’t look like total garbage. Who knew?

I’m a fan of a dapper gal; so even if you’ve hit resistance or a bump in the road here or there thanks to some horrible individuals who unfortunately haven’t evolved, don’t stop believing! And in the meantime, we can hope that Mississippi learns its lesson and starts to cool it in general.

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