Morning Brew – Wednesday, September 8: Ellen does David Letterman’s “Top 10,” Zooey Deschanel on “My Idiot Brother”


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Ellen DeGeneres went on The David Letterman Show last night and delivered “The Top 10 Things That Have Been on Ellen DeGeneres’ Mind Lately.” Here’s the clip:

So Jane Lynch is officially a household name and everyone in the free world knows that Ellen is married to the gorgeous Portia de Rossi. I am liking the realizations I had during this Top 10 List. This also includes the fact that every lesbian I know is obsessed with Shark Week.

The A.V. Club talked with Zooey Deschanel and asked how the “lesbian dynamic” was between her and Rashida Jones on the set of My Idiot Brother, the upcoming movie where they play girlfriends. Zooey said:

Rashida Jones is awesome! I’ve been totally surprised at what a huge deal everyone’s made out of it, about that. It’s not any different. It’s just like playing people with the same problems straight people have. [Laughs]

Apparently Zooey doesn’t quite grasp how much the lesbians love her — straight women, too, for that matter. Guess she missed that issue of Esquire when straight ladies voted her as a woman they’d go gay for.

Congrats to lesbian-fronted band the xx who won the Mercury Prize for their 2009 self-titled album. The award is given to the best album by a British or Irish artist. They definitely deserve it, too. I mean, they also won my heart and the top spot of last year’s best albums by a lesbian or bi band from

Here’s the first photo of Margaret Cho with her dancing partner Louis Van Amstel.

Lookin’ good, girl.

Cinematical interviewed Michelle Rodriguez about her work in Machete and asked about her recent comments about women getting stronger roles in Hollywood, like Angelina Jolie.

There’s an ambiguity there… Just as you see the character being really butch-y, you see this kind of like sexy undertone in the eyes and you’re just like, “Wow, wait, I was just turned on by that, but wait, it’s weird because she’s dressed like a dude!” Or you look at somebody like Angelina who’s like the best of both worlds; her attitude is very masculine, but her face is just so feminine. So it’s really strange. I think — I always call it the alchemical balance between man and woman, and we’re just getting used to it in our generation. [We’re] getting used to that independent-thinking, non-conformist, take-no-nonsense kind of woman, and I think that writers are just starting to get used to it as well.

She also says she loves working with directors like James Cameron, but she wants more women behind the lens:

So more chicks I think need to get out there and start writing stuff, because otherwise it’s going to be left to the men, and I think that those days are over. It’s time to balance the energy out.

Are you volunteering, MRod? I’d like to see what you’d come up with.

Writer Matthew Lipman has penned a poem about a gay woman he knows. It’s called “Silly and Brave” and ran an excerpt:

It’s not fair to say that the woman I work with is a lesbian

Even though she is a lesbian.

How do I know she’s a lesbian? She told me.

It’s fun when people say stuff about themselves that is very personal to them but to me,

I couldn’t care less.

Not because I don’t care

But because nothing is very personal

And nothing comes as a surprise.

So, this woman I work with—the lesbian—

She tells me she hates men

And I’m eating a corned beef sandwich,

Because her father beat her momma

And her momma drank a lot of gin.

And, you see, she said,

That’s why I hate guys.

But, I said,

This corned beef sandwich is tremendous,

You should have a bite.

Then she said something nasty

about the way I chew

which is why I shouldn’t like lesbians.

But I don’t care what the hell you are

Or call yourself, think you are, want to be.

It’s all a little Silly and Brave at the same time.

Here’s a haiku for you Mr. Lipman:

Straight men tend to stereotype

More than gay women, who would appreciate

Chewing with your mouth closed

Canadian performer Candy Palmater has a new talk show on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network called The Candy Show. Some of the things she’ll talk about are “her first lesbian dating experiences, with lots of anecdotes about coming from a large family that loved rock ’n’ roll and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.” Sounds pretty gay already!

Don’t forget to tune in to Hellcats tonight on the CW!

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