Great LezBritain: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson of “Coronation Street”


“Great LezBritian” is a fortnightly stroll through the very best of British lesbo-centric entertainment and culture. Plus there will be some jolly good interviews with the top ladies who are waving the flag for gay UK.

When we first heard that little Sophie Webster, second daughter of Sally and Kevin, would become Coronation Street’s first ever lesbian, we have to admit we were skeptical of what it would bring. For many years, we had seen soapbians take a trip down crazy-town, have their parachute sabotaged or go back to their husbands to believe that Britain’s oldest lady in soap would finally be the one to give us a really cracking lesbian character.

But week after week, the adorable scenes that have unfolded between Sophie and Sian have made us feel rather fuzzy inside. The acting has been impressive, the chemistry quite lovely and, thus far, the writers have done a brilliant job in writing a realistic, funny and sweet story of two young girls falling in love.

Last week, we had an exclusive chat with actresses Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson who told us how they felt about the storyline initially, what they think of their fans and what lays ahead for Siophie once they return to the Street.

AfterEllen: There has been a lot of support for Sophie and Sian on Are you pleased that the storyline has been so well received?

We weren’t familiar with AfterEllen until a few days ago and we’ve really enjoyed reading the support that everyone has given us. When we first got our scripts a few months ago, we were a bit unsure how it would be perceived, but the reaction from fans has been so nice.

AE: Other than feeling unsure about how it would be perceived, what other thoughts did you have when you first read that Sophie and Sian were going to have a romantic relationship?

I was told when I was 16 and at first I was a bit shocked; but then you grow up about it and look outside of the box. I realised that this storyline was actually a really big opportunity to help loads of people that are going through a similar situation. It feels really good to know that people are watching and able to relate to Sophie and Sian and in a way go through something with them.

When Sach got the part, I was really excited and we have loads of fun playing the parts together, so it’s a bonus that everyone else enjoys it, too.

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