Morning Brew – Tuesday, September 7: Jacinda Barrett talks being denied by Renee Zellweger, two new lesbian-themed music videos


What a long weekend! I missed you all and I have so much to tell you about.

Denim designer ACNE has created a new line aimed at “transvestites and cross-dressers.” Really, it looks like clothing for the modern butch.

Vogue reports that the collection is beginning as “three androgynous shirts, made in both silk crepe and Italian denim. The styles are available in two washes: stonewashed and bleached.” Each of the shirts are named after Dynasty characters: Alexis, Sammy Jo and Krystle.

OK, it was butch until “Krystle” came into the picture.

Gossip columnist Liz Smith penned a piece on Greta Garbo for Women on the Web and included a great anecdote: a comment from Alice B. Toklas (sometimes better known as Gertrude Stein‘s partner) made to Garbo’s lover, writer Mercedes de Acosta after reading her autobiography:

Your story of Garbo is a classic – at the end you have made her one of the heroines of all time – just as you have left Marlene Dietrich a warm, but ordinary woman.

What a tangled web of lesbians, from Hollywood to Paris. AKA the original chart.

Apparently there’s an “obese lesbian cop” character in the new Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. I’ll need to put Sarah Warn on this for their Good Game.

Remember when Jacinda Barrett fell for Renee Zellwegger in Bridget Jones: Te Edge of Reason? At the end, her character goes to kiss Bridget but isn’t received so well. Jacinda recently told NINETOFIVE about the experience, saying:

It was funny, we had to re-shoot that scene so we kissed for three days. It took so long. It’s weird because she didn’t kiss me back in the story, so I had to keep kissing and kissing and she just has her mouth shut, so it was a very weird experience. Like being rejected day after day.

That is so rude, Renee. Jacinda is lovely!

The Four Faced Liar will be available on DVD through Wolfe Video on Nov. 6. If you forgot, it’s about a straight girl falling for her butchy lesbian friend, aka your dream life so you’ll probably like it.

The BBC has a new teaser for Lip Service available on their press site. It looks sexy, in my opinion, but I’m kind of a sucker for accents of any kind.

And now, two lesbian-themed music videos for your enjoyment. The first is called “Sex Tape” from Deftones and I think its gorgeous.

And the second is from German band The T.C.H.I.K. for their song “Ich Und Mein Pony.”

A little less serious than the first, but enjoyable, nonetheless.

Thanks to readers Janay and ZumMorgenKaffee for the tips!

We won’t have a New Music Tuesday for you today as Mia is M.I.A., but we will have a pretty awesome interview with Tegan Quin and Hayley Williams of Paramore so stick around!

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