Morning Brew – Friday, September 3: “All About Love” is Hong Kong’s “The Kids Are All Right,” Rachael Ray is gay for Tina Fey


It’s Friday! And that reminds me — we are off on Monday to celebrate Labor Day, so new Brew for you until Tuesday.

The long-running TV show The Bill said goodbye this week, which means England loses lesbian sergeant Jo Masters (played by Sally Rogers). Although she only mentioned her sexuality a few times on the show, it was good to have her around, making sure everything was under control. (Thanks for the tip Scullylover71!)

With fall shows returning soon, here are some new promo shots of two Foxy (get it?) women: Olivia Wilde as the bisexual Thirteen on House and out actress Jasika Nicole from Fringe.

Why the long faces, ladies? They’re so serious — seriously attractive

You can now get FlashForward‘s first and only season on DVD with bonus features like “FlashForward On Set” and interviews with the cast, including Christine Woods on playing lesbian Janice. Specifically, she talks about the “the twists in Janice’s plotline and the making of ‘The Gift’ episode.” Let’s all buy a copy and watch repeatedly to forget that Christine has moved on to play a straight married woman on a show called Perfect Couples.

The Wall Street Journal has a great profile of Hong Kong director Ann Hui On-wah who is behind the newly released bisexual-themed All About Love. Hui told the paper she had issues with producers because of the storyline (two women finding love with each other again after they both become pregnant) and that the film can never be distributed in China because they have a ban on films with gay content.

Hui said:

“It is a serious film but it is also very commercial. Sometimes it is better to make serious issues more acceptable to audiences, by making it a comedy and having big stars so that people will come watch the movie.”

Sounds like another mainstream lesbian movie that had to do with pregnancy!

Did you used to read the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? It might be time to give them another go. A Choice of Romance lets readers choose both their gender and the gender of their lover. This is either going to confuse straight girls or help sort them out. It’d also be fun to give a gold star a copy and make her read the girl-guy story aloud and watch her writhe uncomfortably in disgust.

UK lesbians, I command you to find this girl and make her feel better about being a lesbian in England. She writes in The Guardian:

As a lesbian, meeting a partner can be fraught. Finding a compatible woman is one thing; discerning whether or not she’s gay is another. Unless, of course, you turn to the gay scene. But I don’t want to define myself by my sexuality. … Like any group or culture formed as a result of persecution, the gay scene is isolated, and often bitter. … I have nothing against tomboyish, or even outright masculine lesbians. They’re being who they want to be. But I don’t want to date them. The downer is that as far as I can tell with my fledgling gaydar, these women make up a considerable proportion of the gay scene, which leaves me as a minority within an already very small minority: a feminine lesbian seeking one of her own kind. It’s like being a death metal fan who is also passionate about beekeeping.

Debbie Downer! There are so many ways to meet other women besides going to the club, like writing a piece in The Guardian that makes you sound whiny and advertises that you’re single.

Rachael Ray said she has a list of women she’d go gay for. Watch her divulge her few to Craig Ferguson:

Rachael, Tina Fey also rhymes with “Ray” and “Gay.” Another show idea? “Rachael Ray Goes Gay For Fey!”

The True Blood finale isn’t for another week (they love to keep us hanging), but here are a couple stills of Sophie-Ann from the episode.

She’s looking quite funereal, but who died? And since when have they held funerals for vampires? Must be a human.

Have a fabulous and long weekend.

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