Morning Brew – Thursday, September 2: A lesbian wows on Australia’s “X Factor” and “The Winning Season” opens tomorrow



On last night’s episode of Australia’s X Factor, 20-year-old contestant Hayley Teal was told she was the best singer the judges had seen so far. She killed with her own rendition of an Alicia Keys song and was the picture of confidence on the stage, the crowd and judging table giving her a standing ovation. When Hayley was asked if she had a boyfriend back at home, she said into the mic, “Girlfriend” and people cheered.

Judge Kyle Sandilands replied, “Well you’d better tell her to get used to you being gone for a while. It’s so obvious you’ll be staying with us for a while.” So Hayley is moving on to boot camp, which means Australia should tune in to watch her as she tries to beat out the competition and hopefully dedicates a few slow jams to her girl back home. (Thanks for the tip Bellop13!)

If you’re still waiting to see the last two unaired episodes of Better Off Ted, here’s some good news: you can now stream them live on Netflix or buy them on iTunes. No longer are they held captive by a channel that didn’t appreciate them and the fine Portia de Rossi performances!

Cybill Shepherd has been cast as Julie Benz‘s mom on No Ordinary Family. It appears the casting directors are reading from a list of “Women Who Have Played Lesbians On Screen.” Is it a coincidence that Sara Gilbert‘s partner Ali Adler is a producer on the show? I think not!

Tennis superstar Martina Navratilova was interviewed by a DJ named Stugotz on Miami’s 790 The Ticket’s Dan LeBatard Show and apparently, Stugotz was put off by Martina’s answer to some of his questions, even though, as the New-Times notes, the 11-minute conversation was completely civil throughout. They write:

Near the end of interview, LeBatard began asking questions about sexuality in sports which the tennis legend initially answered plainly. But it deteriorated a bit. “If there is a gay superstar today, the way you were a superstar, it would be very hard to keep that private,” LeBatard said. Navratilova mumbled then said, “Whatever.”

On air, Stugotz referred to Martina as a bitch several times. And when he is scolded by his co-host, he said, “No, I’m sorry Dan. We go over and over this. They come on radio with things to promote. There is an exchange here: we allow you to promote whatever you want to promote, and we ask you normal and logical question. She is openly gay athlete. Your question was fine. Enough already.”

Sorry to tell you this, Stugotz, but just because you get her on your show doesn’t mean you’re entitled to ask her about anything you want. Well, you can, but don’t always expect her to answer how you’d like. No matter what she did, calling her a bitch wasn’t cool. has compiled The Top 10 Gay Moments in Film and only two are lesbianish: ScarJo and Penelope Cruz‘s Vicky Cristina Barcleona makeout and the car scene from Desert Hearts.

Warning: Calzona spoiler ahead. Skip ahead if you don’t want to know a thing about Callie and Arizona’s upcoming storyline.

Michael Ausiello gives us some scoop: “Arizona decides to move in with Callie, who is currently sharing an apartment with Cristina—who just got married to Owen! That’s enough to put a little strain on any relationship. And another obstacle looms later in the season. Teases Rhimes: “Some stuff happens with their careers that’s going to take them in opposite directions possibly.” Crap. OK, it’s going to be drama — what else is new? Bring on the new season already.

You guys, there’s a new movie called The Winning Season opening tomorrow night and it’s about a varsity basketball squad and one of the girls is a lesbian. Meaghan Witri plays Tamra, the center (#50) who is looking to score with another female, once she can wrap her head around her sexuality.

The film also stars Sam Rockwell, Emma Roberts, Rooney Mara and Shareeka Epps. Here’s the trailer:

I love a good down-and-out sports team story, especially when there’s a lesbian involved.

If you heard the news about Prop. 8 and immediately wondered what Tegan and Sara thought about it at that exact moment, now you will know.


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