Morning Brew – Wednesday, September 1: Holly Miranda poses with BFF Daisy Lowe for “Notion” magazine


Happy September!

Remember last week’s episode of Bad Girls Club, where Brandi hooked up with an ex-cop and the girls all participated in gay pride? Well the gay stuck around for this week’s episode. Brandi has a crush on Lea and tells her to “give her what she wants” but Lea turns her down. This just makes Brandi want her more.

After going to the club, Brandi asked all the girls who is into “bisexual sex right now”? She keeps singing songs about Lea and wanting to get with her, and then tries to have sex with her at the house. Lea refuses, telling the camera she’s just not into Lea in that way. She gets so upset that she goes to sleep while all the other girls go into the hot tub and get naked. When Brandi gets awoken, she screams at her roommates but they know she’s just angry that Lea won’t give it up to her.

A few nights later, the girls all drink some bizarre “horny juice” and go out on the town and they all dance all over one another, until Brandi touches Lea’s breasts and puts a stop to it. Brandi is upset at being turned down again. But in the limo on the way home, everyone else starts making out. Brandi’s all “just because I’m a lesbian doesn’t mean I’m gonna kiss anybody” so she doesn’t participate.

At home, Brandi puts herself all over Lea and is getting way too pushy, threatening to kick Lea’s ass and then breaking stuff all over the house. The housemates can’t believe how obnoxious she is. So the lesbian of the house is picky with good taste, but obsessive with anger issues. Not so good for us this week.

How do you feel about women in uniform? Here’s Rihanna on the set of her new film Battleship.

She also can’t help but love the new wax figure made in her likeness.

Ri Ri should be next to make a video like Pink‘s “Sober” where she makes out with herself.

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan appears nude in Machete and also participates in a threesome with her on-screen mom and Danny Trejo. She only appears in the film for 15 minutes, so if you aren’t in it for the Michelle Rodriguez or grindhouse-esque violence, than maybe you can wait for the DVD or inevitable internet screencaps.

Earlier this week, Rachel Maddow and out singer Erin McKeown performed a song they co-wrote at an event for the American Bird Conservancy’s called Friends with Benefit. Rachel’s blog has a video taped by a fan. Check it out!

Power Up has announced its 10 Amazing Gay Women in Showbiz that it will celebrate on November 7, 2010 in Hollywood, California. The non-profit will honor Savannah Dooley (writer of Huge), Ali Adler (co-executive producer of No Ordinary Family), Tabatha Coffey, Tracy E. Gilchrist (editor of, Clementine Ford, Christine Moore (director), Martha Sanchez (manager), Kirsten Vangsness, Kathy Wolfe and Elizabeth Sarnoff (writer/producer). Congrats to all of the honorees!

Out drummer Patty Schemel led a drumming workshop at the Girls Rock Camp LA and it was caught on camera along with some other great moments from the week.


Trubies, you can now own your own Sookie figurine for only $70.

So far there are only three available (guess the other two), but I’m holding out for Pam and Sophie-Ann. Speaking of Pam, Kristin Bauer told Michael Ausiello her character will be kicking some ass in the season finale of True Blood and she’s definitely sticking around for next season as a regular. Yes!

Holly Miranda and friend/model Daisy Lowe are on the cover of this month’s Notion magazine and inside is the best interview you will ever read with Holly. She talks about her girlfriend, how the gay press tries to flirt with her during interviews and how her life has changed since recording The Magician’s Private Library. The best part? You can read it all online for free.

Lucky Daisy Lowe! And, for the record, when I interviewed Holly, I wasn’t trying to flirt with her — she’s not my type!

Have a great hump day.

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