Morning Brew – Tuesday, August 31: Lindsay Lohan covers “Vanity Fair,” Jenny Shimizu loves bingo



On last night’s Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Danielle Staub had a mental breakdown and could only be comforted by her musical partner/out lesbian singer Lori Michaels. Later, host Andy Cohen asks if she’s “swimming in the lady pond” and Danielle wouldn’t answer the question, but later Tweeted: “Thank you everyone for supporting me with love and kindness in my song ‘Real Close’ bless my gf Lori Michaels.” Back up for a minute though: what is actually a good response to “Are you swimming in the lady pond?” For Danielle, it’s likely something like “Treading lightly, but staying in the shallow end.”

OK, I know I’m not the only one who knows this isn’t only untrue but ridiculous. The only good thing that has come out of this collaboration is the LOLing that I did when I watched their recent live performance on a local TV new show. It’s so atrociously bad, it’s good.

Lindsay Lohan is Vanity Fair‘s October cover girl. In the interview preview available on the mag’s website, she talks about drug abuse, what life was like for her when she first moved to LA and her career. An excerpt:

“I don’t care what anyone says. I know that I’m a damn good actress. … And I know that in my past I was young and irresponsible—but that’s what growing up is. You learn from your mistakes.

No word yet on if she’ll talk about her relationship with ex(?) Samantha Ronson, who, unfortunately, had a bad day yesterday when her bulldog Cadillac mauled the maltese next door. Unfortunately, the small dog died and its owner sustained some injuries as well. No word yet on if charges will be filed or what will happen to Ronson or Cadillac.

Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky talked with MTV News about having just finished the film and not even having time to put together the trailer himself. Fox Searchlight took the reins, and he was very impressed. And when MTV began to say it doesn’t hurt to have some buzz about Natalie and Mila having sex, he responded:

Yeah, I know. A lot of people already knew that was happening. A screenplay got out there and someone wrote about it on the Internet and the next thing you know CNN is reporting on it. It’s definitely something that happens in the film, but it’s just the tip of the exciting things that happen.

Don’t worry — we’re already planning on seeing the whole thing, Darren, not just waiting for the DVD to skip to the lesbian parts.

Cinematical ran a piece this week on if the new Runaways film adaptation, Small Faces, will “whitewash” its characters, which have different ethnicities. When the casting sides went out, it wasn’t specified that the character Nico should be Japanese-American, as she is in the comic book. After Racebending called them out on it, Marvel said they’d correct the casting side right away, as they didn’t intend to change anything about the character. That being said, none of the parts specify that they are lesbian roles (as in the case of Karolina Dean), but let’s hope it’s not because they aren’t leaving that out entirely and are just not looking for a lesbian actor, per se.

Ariel Schrag is featured in friend Gabrielle Bell‘s San Diego Comic Con Comicumentary. Check it out at

You probably think you know many things about Jenny Shimizu, like a famous ex-gf and what fashion designer she famously posed for in the ’90s. But did you know she’s a bingo enthusiast?


Heart, whose new album, Red Velvet Car, is released today, has sent a special greeting to readers.


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