Styled Out: Get militant this fall


You may not have ever given it much thought, but the coveted September issues of fashion magazines are totally full of awesomeness that should be of interest to every one on the queer spectrum. Some of you probably can’t even wrap your head around what seems to be like your idea of a total nightmare, but the reality is that autumn style has so much more to offer us, with a whole new slew of boots, hats, jackets and pants to drool over and blow our cash on.

All the butches throw your hands in the air! The hard and hot look of military garb isn’t going anywhere this fall; in fact you’re probably going to find an even larger selection at more stores, giving you even more and better options. Hooray! We’re going to be seeing shades of army green and camel with an influx of utilitarian styles, big, tall boots that look that they’re on a more masculine-driven mission.

Messenger bags, cross-body bags and trench coats are on like Donkey Kong. The femmes can take what they will and mix it in to add a bit of tough love in the midst of more delicate wear which I think we all can agree is undeniably sexy.

Leather is taking up a lot of space on the runways this year as well, which makes us all winners. A good leather jacket is able to be worn through all seasons and if you find the right one, it can be a really stand out piece. I happen to favor the look of a worn in vintage jacket but if you’re looking for new, check out Lucky Dog Leather. They have declared themselves a company for rock star rebels and homos, and the stuff is pretty rad, actually. Endorse!

My fellow femmes will probably light up as I did upon hearing that my beloved Mad Men has leaked into the fashion industry and is influencing the trend for the cooler weather of 2010, so keep stocking up on those high waisted skirts. Super-tailored suits fit into this category as well, so I’m hoping that we’ll have some more options for our androgynous and more butch counterparts as a result. Won’t we all look so dashing and functional with a return of such wearable fashion? Le sigh! How perfectly lesbian.

Will you be picking up an issue to check it out for yourself?

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