Morning Brew – Monday, August 23: Michelle Rodriguez is tired of being butch, Vivien Leigh was bisexual


Happy Monday!

If you’re a diehard fan of Gone With the Wind, you’ll love this news: Vivien Leigh was apparently bisexual with at least three female lovers. According to a new biography, Damn You, Scarlett O’Hara by Darwin Porter and Roy Moseley, Vivien had a relationship with actress Isabel Jeans.

Gotta love old gay Hollywood. Too bad she’s not alive to become a “late-in-life-lesbian.”

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were married over the weekend, ruining the dreams of lesbians and blonde vampires everywhere. Anna will be presenting at the Emmys on August 29, which means she’ll probably be grilled about the wedding on the red carpet.

Apparently reality star Heidi Montag has made a lesbian sex tape. I feel obliged to tell you about this, considering any pop culture-esque website you visit will likely have “Heidi Montag” and “lesbian” in a headline. Heidi’s ex-beau Spencer Pratt is threatening to release the video, which also features a Playboy Playmate, conveniently. Let’s hope this never sees the light of day. I can only imagine what their idea of “lesbian sex” is.

AE reader Lara told us that Anna Silk, who played Erica’s gay college girlfriend on Being Erica, has her own show coming to Showcase. It’s called Lost Girl and Anna plays Bo, “a succubus who drains the sexual energy of humans to feed, heal… and kill.” Canadian viewers can watch starting Sept. 12.

Let’s hope that the leather jacket means we’ll get to see Anna revive some of her best work from Being Erica.

This weekend was the Creative Emmys and Wendy and Lisa won Best Main Title Theme Music for the Nurse Jackie theme song. 

Carrie Brownstein stars in the new video from The Thermals. Seeing her act in it just gets me more psyched on Portlandia.


Amber Heard and girlfriend Tasya Van Ree attended a Prop. 8 Rally in Los Angeles last Thursday. Amber has also joined Twitter so you can follow her @Amber_Heard_.

They’re looking so fierce for a rally.  

Actress Susannah Fielding was profiled in the News of the World and talked about playing a lesbian character in

“I played a lesbian called Jas. It was my first gay role and I had to do a sex scene, but to be honest it wasn’t that different to doing it with a guy. I just threw myself into it. I was really attracted to the role because before then I’d always played sweet innocent girls, and Jas was a toughie.”

Why is this not on DVD yet? 

Speaking of tough lesbians, Michelle Rodriguez said she’s glad her character in Machete isn’t like other ones she’s played before. She told MovieHole:

“You know what was amazing to me? Finally not having a frickin’ cop outfit. I’m so tired of these butchy polyester outfits. It seems every time I do something I’m wearing some government outfit — it’s so annoying. With the exception of Fast And The Furious, I’m always in uniform. I’m always like, ‘Can I just get rid of this butch outfit and be hot for once?'”

Michelle, butch is hot. You’ve got that market cornered.

The National Post wrote about “The Rise of the Biebians,” aka lesbians who look Justin Bieber and are embracing it. Dannielle Owens-Reid, creator of LesbiansWhoLookLikeJustinBieber was interviewed and asked why gay girls like the teenage pop star.

“It’s hard not to like Bieber because he’s so adorable. His voice is in our vocal range so we can sing along, and he has killer dance moves Lesbians don’t want to date him; they want to date people who look just like him.”

I always thought it was Justin Bieber who wanted to look like us. He’s the one copping the andro-style, in my opinion. I mean, he obviously watched A Shot at Love and fell for Dani’s boyish charm and tried to steal it for himself.

Partners and Mississippi Damned creators Tina Mabry and Morgan Stiff have been selected for the 11th annual Screenwriters Lab, sponsored by the Writers Guild of America. This hopefully means their new project, County Line, will be on the fast track to getting made.

Check you later!