Morning Brew: Friday, August 20: Snooki knows why there are more lesbians than ever, Kristanna Loken loves women in underwear


Word up, gay women!

Last night on Jersey Shore, Snooki finally let us in on why the number of gay women are growing exponentially. If you thought it was just that more of us felt comfortable coming out of the closet by way of increased tolerance and acceptance, you are wrong. Snooki says:

“Men don’t know how to treat women and that’s why the lesbian rate is going up in this country.”

If Snooki truly believes that, then maybe there is some real passion behind those girl-on-girl kisses she loves to do in front of the camera. The worse dudes treat her, the more into women she becomes. If you live in the Jersey Shore house, you’ll be a lesbian in no time.

The Guardian has a great piece asking women to embrace their facial hair. Julie Bindel interviews women (several lesbians included) who have grown to accept their hair, and cites studies on those who have felt held back by it in their personal or professional lives. In the end, she concludes that you’ll probably feel more comfortable if you let it all grow out, writing “In Italy there is a famous saying, Donna barbuta, sempre piaciuta — everyone loves a woman with a beard.”

Here is a new trailer from America’s Next Top Model’s Cycle 15, which shows our homegirl Krystal with some serious curls in her hair.


It appears that we’ll have a Yvetta sighting on this week’s True Blood. On the downside, it looks like Pam might be losing her maker.


Kristanna Loken supports women with tattoos that wear underwear, and I support her support of that. The out actress made an appearance at the Ink ‘N Undies Suicide Girls Fashion Show earlier this week and she looked lovely, per usual.

Kristanna will also be in my hood this weekend for Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, so if you’re in the area, get your ticket and step right up to tell her you, too, enjoy underwear.

TheFrisky’s resident lesbian blogger Nikki Dowling thinks that lesbians are too hard on each other. She writes:

I think it’s sad but also ironic the way marginalized communities do the same crap to each other that the world at large does to them. When very butch-looking lesbians or “obviously gay” chicks get called manly or are picked on or attacked, it’s terribly homophobic. They are outraged and so am I. But many of the same women who suffer through this stuff, who have never been with a man and call themselves “gold star” lesbians, will turn around and dismiss those of us who don’t “look gay,” haven’t been out for our entire lives or (gasp!) can’t decide if we like men or women or both. How is judging someone who is obviously gay any worse than judging someone who isn’t?

You will either nod your head in agreement or wonder why so many lesbians she knows are giving her s–t for having dated men before. You can’t fault gay women for having to kiss so many frogs on their way to the ultimate Princess if that’s how she got to the castle.

In sad news, Brandi Carlile has had to cancel her UK tour because of lack of finances. She wrote to fans:

Unfortunately, the funding for the tour has fallen through and we no longer can afford to hop across the pond for the tour. This is the toughest decision and announcement I’ve had to make as an artist and I can assure you I don’t take it lightly. I know many of you have purchased concert tickets and made travel plans to see our band and I wanted to personally offer my deepest regrets and most sincere apology.

That is depressing, and I’m curious as to why such a talented performer like Brandi can’t get backing from a company or brand of some sort that puts their logos all over Lilith Fair or the Tegan and Sara/Paramore tour. Seeing as how gay both of those two tours are, it can’t be that she’s a lesbian.

Come back today for the Good Game column by Sarah Warn and other fun stuff.

Have a fabulous weekend.

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