Morning Brew – Thursday, August 5: Nurse Kelly comes out on “Hawthorne” and has a complaint filed against her


Hello there. How are you on this Thursday? Still psyched on California’s victory yesterday? Me too! In celebration, check out’s Top 10 Funniest Gay Marriage Bits, especially Wanda Sykes‘ rap at number 8.

On this week’s episode of Hawthorne, nurse Kelly (Vanessa Lengies) came out in an endearing scene with a teen patient named Cassie. When Kelly asks about the fingernail scratches on Cassie’s arm, she gets defensive but finally admits she got into a fight.

Cassie: I liked someone, thought they liked me. Other people found out and I got burned.

Kelly: High school: Gossip, cliques, backstabbing friends — fun. Cassie: Welcome to my so-called life.

Kelly: So your Jordan Catalano have a name?

Cassie: Rachel.

Kelly: I got into the exact same fight when I was your age, only mine was at cheerleading camp.

Cassie: Really?

Kelly: It was the first time someone called me a lesbo.

They bond over wanting acceptance in high school, Kelly promising it’ll get better when she’s older. “Great, so two more years of dyke jokes!” Cassie said, but Kelly says she’ll help her find places to find support for gay teens. Cassie is grateful and relieved and Kelly is finally out of the closet. But later on, Cassie’s parents file a complaint against Kelly for “validating Cassie’s feelings.”

Christina (Jada Pinkett Smith) eventually tries to take Kelly off the case, but they end up talking about Kelly’s sexuality. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Christina asks. “I didn’t think I had to. We don’t all wear birkenstocks,” Kelly says. Win!

Out author Camilla Gibb (Sweetness in the Belly, The Beauty of Humanity Movement) told Now magazine she “hates the word lesbian. It’s just so … labial.” And labial sounds like something else to me.

Tanja Ariane Baumgartner is starring as the lesbian Countess Geschwitz in the new Austria production of opera Lulu. She falls in love with Lulu, like everyone else in the opera, and does so with “pitiable longing and fragile dignity” according to the New York Times. That sounds better than with “creepy stalking ability” to me.

Cartoon Network is running a Scott Pilgrim short at midnight on August 12 and Mae Whitman will be voicing a different character than the lesbian Roxy Richter she plays in the film. Only a handful of the ensemble cast are involved, however, so it probably won’t be super similar to the lesbianish-tinged movie, which comes out the next day.

If you’re pissed about Target’s $250,000 campaign donations to anti-LGBT candidates, you’re not alone. Bisexual actress Amber Heard are staging a protest on August 11 at the West Hollywood location. She is rounding up the troops on her official Facebook profile, where she also posted recent photos of herself with Tasya van Ree. Adorbs.


Erika Moen‘s DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary volume 2 follows much of her real life story, which follows “an attractive, tattooed young woman with gender issues, who begins as a lesbian, but is married to an Englishman by the end of the first volume.” This is either something your’e intrigued by or would rather use as toilet paper.

Want to help with a new lesbian film with potential? Jamie & Jessie Are Not Together is from Wendy Jo Carlton, director of Hannah Free. Here’s the short plot description:

Jamie is moving from Chicago to New York hoping to become a famous actress. Her best friend and roommate, Jessica, isn’t happy about it, because she is losing more than a friend. Jessica is not-so-secretly in love with Jamie. Although Jamie doesn’t feel the same way, she has gotten used to Jessica’s attention. As moving day gets closer, Jessica tries to make Jamie jealous (and get her to stay in Chicago) by sleeping around with other girls. But Jessica’s plan backfires, in a way she could never imagine.

Sound cool? You can help put it into production by donating to its Kickstarter account.

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