Morning Brew – Tuesday, July 27: Carly Pope plays bisexual on “Outlaw,” “Lip Service” still coming this year



Bad news: This is the last Brew of the week. Good news: It’s because I’ll be in Los Angeles for the Television Critics Association summer-fall upfronts, which means I’ll be regularly updating you with scoop on things like Sara Gilbert‘s new talk show, and series from L Word alums (Chase starring Rose Rollins, Facing Kate with Sarah Shahi and Kate Moennig‘s appearance on Dexter). Also on the docket: The Real L Word, Hellcats, Covert Affairs and Outlaw starring Carly Pope and Gina Gershon. I promise I’ll keep you all in the know all week.

Want a hot tidbit though? Carly Pope plays a private investigator on Outlaw — and she’s bisexual. You can catch a glimpse of her in the promo.


More Carly, less Jimmy Smitts please.

Dot Jones has been cast as a football coach on Glee, which automatically gives everyone in the world the idea she’s a lesbian. However, it has yet to be determined if she’s actually gay or just really into sports. Dot’s past roles include “Butch Brenda” in Material Girls, “Muscular Woman” on Full House and “Miss Meat” on Patch Adams. Here she is as “Skittlez” on Prison Break.

Last week, Heather told you about the New York Times‘ piece on Ellen Page‘s “asexual” style. Cinematical has published a response, and I quite like it:

And what of sexuality? When will we be advanced enough to see a woman in normal clothes and accept that she might still be a sexual being? We’ve got a myriad of geek actors who can get the girl, or star in a superhero or action film, yet one woman wears everyday clothing and she’s asexual. We can buy that both George Clooney and Seth Rogen have sex, but Page somehow loses her lust once she layers.

I, for one, still find her quite sexy in layers.

BBC Three is still planning on airing the lesbian series Lip Service but there’s still no start date. Apparently the show will air “in the next year,” which is annoying, because it was originally set to air last fall.

Any time now, BBC.

There is some lesbian action in The Lost Boys direct-to-DVD sequel The Thirst. In fact, it’s called a lesbian “fang-bang.” You can check it out for yourself in October.

The People I’ve Slept With is a movie about a nymphomaniac who gets pregnant and has to figure out who is the baby daddy. Why do you care? Well, she sleeps with women, too, but I’m pretty sure we can count them out of the baby equation. The movie has been making the rounds of film fests and will likely come to your local LGBT fest this year.


Celeb fashion photographer Mike Ruiz made over DJ Tracy Young into what he calls “a classic Hollywood pin-up babe.” You like?

The Anyone But Me Webathon begins today! Go to for exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes video, an auction and more. It begins at 4 p.m. EST so clear your schedule!

And check out this interview with Christine Vachon, who has worked on several of your favorite films. I bet you it’s true!


Tell me you don’t like Boys Don’t Cry, Cracks, Party Monster or Go Fish. Crap, I screwed myself over with that last one.

Come back later for recaps of True Blood and The Real L Word, new installments of Tuesday Toons and New Music Tuesday and so much more.

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