New Music Tuesday: 7-20-2010


You know what’s great about Tuesday? That it isn’t Monday. Welcome everyone! Today’s episode of New Music Tuesday is brought to you by my angsty childhood.

Frazey FordObadiah (Nettwork)

It wasn’t easy to choose which of these lovely ladies would go first but I’m in a bit of a mood today so I had to go with Frazey. The Be Good Tanyas singer has stepped out on her own and put out this beautiful indie-folk solo album. Frazey’s voice is distinct, filled with a soul from the 60’s while staying current. All in all, it’s easy to get lost in this album like when you want to snuggle in bed under your comforters during a fall rain.

Kristin HershCrooked (Yes Dear Music)

Kristin Hersh, to me, is like ’90s rock personified. Throwing Muses makes me think of flannel, grunge, Reality Bites and those ear flap hats. This album brings me right back to those memories, perhaps because Hersh’s voice is like no other. It isn’t feminine or masculine, it creeps up on you and makes you feel uneasy — but in the best way possible.

Sheryl Crow100 Miles from Memphis (A&M)

Let’s be honest: Sheryl Crow’s music is kind of like pizza — even when it’s not great it’s still good. For me, nothing will probably ever be as heartbreakingly beautiful and perfect as The Globe Sessions. That being said, nothing she has put out since has been bad. Her latest musical offerings showcase her fantastic voice and her ability to go from rock to sexy soul to reggae. (Yes, reggae — though, that may have been a misstep.) Ms. Crow has a bunch of heavy hitters on this album including Keith Richards and Justin Timberlake.

Honorable Mentions: Major Lazer, Toadies and Rick Ross.

Alright, my loves, let me know what you think and who I missed. Also, be on the lookout for another round of “Your Weekly Women to Listen to” tomorrow!

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