Morning Brew – Friday, July 16: Ruby Rose gets the cover of “Inked” and La Roux goes after a girl


Hi friends!

Ruby Rose has landed her first cover of a U.S. magazine and it’s the tattoo publication Inked. Here’s a peak at the cover and part of the spread.

I love that they call her an international sex symbol — because it’s true.

Attention: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched last night’s Big Brother!

OK, you’re still with me. Our bisexual bartender housemate on Big Brother was not only revealed as the saboteur to America (aka the one in the house wreaking havoc on the housemates), but was also the first one evicted. On this morning’s Early Show, Annie talked with Julie Chen about how much of her coming out conversation with Ragan was gameplay and how much real.

Honestly, it was 100 percent heart-to-heart. It was really hard to come in here and not have that be public to everyone. It was something that was eating me up inside and I thought it was going to affect my game if I didn’t tell somebody.

Here’s the whole exit interview.


Sad to see Annie go, but I’m glad that her sexuality wasn’t a reason she was axed — it seemed to be that the housemates just didn’t trust her.

75-year-old out lesbian hand whistler Sally Helen Cohn also got sent home this week from the competition on America’s Got Talent. She posted on her Facebook:

Well, I didn’t make it to the next round of the talent show, folks, but that’s okay. Now that the world knows who I am and what I do, there will be other opportunities. After the show was over, there were several interviews, and I ran into Piers, Howie and Sharon in one of them, so we had some fun afterwards with an old nursery rhyme song that came into my head. Sharon & I finished the song.

Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Sally, and showing the world lesbians are good with their lips and hands. I’m seriously considering buying her book:A Handwhistler — Memories of Creativity and Activism.

Want to own Anne Lister‘s will? An auction is starting bids at £400-600. That’s a physical piece of lesbian history you could own! But you’ll also spend your life explaining to most people who the hell Anne Lister was.

I’m going to start assuming that everyone cast in Jack and Diane is playing a lesbian, just so I can expect to see Jena Malone dyke out. But the news from set is Kylie Minogue will be playing gay in the film and is going to have a love scene with another woman.

No word on who that woman will be. Again, my vote is Jena Malone.

It appears that the lesbian teens of Coronation Street are feeling like fleeing. Spoilers indicate that Sophie and Sian will be skipping town to avoid telling their parents about their relationship. They decide to go to Australia because it’s the farthest away. But really, I think it’s because of Ruby Rose and Kylie’s Sapphic turn.

Bisexual writer Jennifer Baumgardner talked with Paste magazine about the original Lilith Fair, which she was on with then-girlfriend Amy Ray. She talked about how Sarah McLachlan and co. tried to be more inclusive of all musical genres after the initial go-round.

Because it was more successful, they had to be more self-conscious after the first year. They went out of their way to get Missy and Erykah. They were outreached to, but if you want to have a truly diverse lineup, you start up that way, with a diverse group of organizers.

And Gossip‘s Beth Ditto said she loved the idea when she was still a young music fan but was never able to go, growing up in Arkansas.

I really love the idea of a woman-only space. It’s really an old punk idea, but Lilith introduced people like me, who grew up in small town America, pre-Internet, to concepts like that. … People never let you forget that you are a woman,” Ditto says. “Until that stops being an issue, we can never have too much unity.

And that’s exactly why I’m braving this Midwestern heat to go see Lilith in Chicago tomorrow. One of the acts I can’t want to see is La Roux, who released a behind-the-scenes look at her new video for “Tiger Lily” and I think you’re really going to like it. Note when she begins talking about Natasha, the andro girl she’ll be stalking in the video.


Yeah, I can’t wait! Have a great weekend.

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