Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 23, 2007)



Kissing Bridget Moynahan inspires Heather Graham to figure out she’s gay in Gray Matters, which opens in New York this weekend, and nationwide on March 9 (read our full review of the movie here).

I think a lot of lesbians have had a crush on Bridget since she starred in Coyote Ugly (2000), a movie my girlfriend and I have seen once or twice. Maybe even a few times. OK, we own the DVD. But we’re not alone — my intrepid Director of Special Projects, Karman, swears that movie is a lesbian guilty pleasure, along with Blender magazine and Carmen Electra’s aerobic striptease workout videos. (I don’t get the Carmen Electra thing, but whatever.) Lesbians also clearly have a thing for redheads (see Bridget Moynahan’s comments, below), which may explain all the comments on our recent blog post about Grey’s Anatomy‘s Addison getting her own show. Now that is one lesbian guilty pleasure one I definitely do get.

But back to the kiss in Gray Matters.

Seriously, tell me that’s not one of the best lesbian kisses we’ve ever seen in a mainstream movie with straight actresses?

Speaking of Gray Matters, we interviewed Heather Graham, Bridget Moynahan and Sue Kramer in our latest episode of She Said What?

Gentlemen may prefer blonds, but according to Bridget Moynahan, lesbians prefer redheads. Or maybe they just prefer Bridget.


A reader (thanks Omo!) wrote in to sing the praises of Trey Anthony, a black queer activist, playwright, comedian and actor. Anthony, who was formerly a television producer for the Women’s Television Network and a writer for CTV and the Comedy Network, wrote ‘Da Kink in My Hair, the hit play featuring an all-black woman ensemble cast and an out lesbian character that’s currently in development as a TV show for Global television and Vision Television. She also produces an annual sold-out comedy show for women of color in Canada called Urban Womyn’s Comedy Festival.

Yes, she’s one of those renaissance women who make the rest of us look lazy and untalented, damn her. But if you don’t mind feeling like an underachiever, check her out at, and look for an interview with Trey on in the near future.

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