Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 5, 2009)



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Show: Cuestión de Sexo — Spain, drama

What happened: Sofia catches her father Diego cheating on her mom by kissing another woman. When Diego begs her not to tell her mother when she shows up, Sofia says fine, and uses that knowledge to come out to her Dad in front of her mom, knowing he can’t say anything. He is not happy about the news, and the two argue throughout the episode, with Diego making disparaging remarks about Dani. Dani goes to see Diego privately to try and get him to accept her, but it doesn’t work — he wants grandkids and a son-in-law he can have a beer with. Things finally come to a head when Dani and Sofia go on a double-date with their friend Gonzalo and his date (a woman he’s trying to impress), and the restaurant tries to kick them out because Dani and Sofia kiss.

The foursome refuse to leave, and Sofia’s parents show up and throw a fit, with Diego declaring he’s gay, too, and kissing Gonzalo (just to make a point). The restaurant finally backs down and lets them stay, and later, Diego admits he doesn’t really have a problem with Dani and Sofia’s relationship so much as he is worried about Sofia’s future if she’s in a relationship with a woman. She reassures him she’ll be fine, and then the show fast-forwards three months and shows Dani and Sofia still together and celebrating with the family the success of their vineyard.

What else you should know: This is the series finale (the show has been canceled)

Special thanks to: Ingrid (read her full recap of this episode at EurOut here)

Show: Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) — Spain, drama

What happened: Silvia is interrogated by Internal Affairs about the role of Paco (Pepa’s brother) and Mariano in the murder of a guy in the Mob (they’re innocent). IA tries to make her betray her friends, but she refuses to and turns in her gun and badge. Pepa does the same. Internal Affairs can’t find Paco and Mariano, and their friends are trying to help them. Curtis sees Pepa crying, worried about her brother. He tries to console her. And feigning cockiness, he tells her he’s breaking up with her, and that maybe she can try it again with Silvia (they both now know he was listening to everything Silvia and Pepa said in the changing room).

What’s next: Silvia asks Pepa to marry her!

Special thanks to: Axon

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama

What happened: Natalia and Olivia quarrel over Natalia’s ongoing decision to keep their relationship a secret from Rafe, who has secrets of his own: he finds out he can’t become a cop because of his record, but he lies to his mother about it. Olivia finally tells Natalia Rafe’s secret, and that she needs to stop coddling him because it’s not good for Olivia and Natalia’s relationship. Natalia can’t believe Olivia is making this about them. Olivia explains that Rafe’s life affects them too so it is about them and she hates waiting. Natalia gets defensive about Rafe and Olivia to Father Ray. Father Ray suggests she doesn’t have strong feelings for Olivia if she can’t reveal to Rafe the truth. Olivia apologizes to Natalia for not being patient about Rafe.

Show: Suomen huippumalli haussa 2 (The Search for Finland’s Top Model Cyle 2) — Finland, reality competition

What happened: The remaining four finalists tour the island and stop in a village where one of the judges meets up with them to train them to walk properly on the runway. Nanna is told she still has problems, but has improved. The models are tested by being forced to walk over eggs without breaking them, and Nanna wins. For their photoshoot challenge, they’re asked to pose with a half-naked man on the beach, and although Nanna said it would be a challenge for her to be feminine and look like she wants the guy at the same time, she did well and won that challenge, too, along with another contestant. They were awarded with jewelry. The next morning they did a shoot for a bottled water company. Nanna wasn’t the photographer’s favorite but she did well enough that she survived to compete in the next episode.

What’s next: The final three finalists continue competing in the Canary Islands with themes like party and death.

Special thanks to: emptyinbetween

Show/Episode: The Duel II — MTV, reality

What happened: The remaining women in the house decide to put on a fashion show. Rachel wears a bikini, a leather jacket and boots. The judges declare it a five-way tie. Because Rachel won last week’s challenge, she gets to choose the order for the girls, and decides to go last. It’s a spelling challenge, and Diem, Aneesa and Brittni get out in the first round. Rachel wins the challenge again for the girls, and Evan wins for the boys team, and the two strategize and decide to have Aneesa call Tori into the duel to get rid of Tori (since Tori is Rachel’s biggest competition). Aneesa and Rachel talk before the duel and Rachel apologizes for anything that might have come between them over the course of the challenge; they both say they love each other and will stick together because that’s what friends do.

What’s next: The season finale, where we find out who won this week’s duel, and who is walking away with the prize money.

Special thanks to: rusty_tiffany

Show/Episode: Infidels — Spain, drama

What happened: Arlet’s boyfriend is still living with her because he doesn’t have the apartment he bought ready yet. Arlet is pretty uncomfortable with the situation, and when she goes to see Víctor in his new apartment (he said he was painting it) she finds out that Víctor lied to her and that he did not buy the apartment. Arlet asks Víctor why he lied about that, and Víctor said he thinks she’s just going through a phase, and that she’ll want him back soon, so he has no intention of leaving Arlet’s apartment. Arlet answers with a hard (but deserved) “I don’t love you anymore,” and Víctor finally gets the point and leaves. Meanwhile, Arlet and Dani are planning their summer holidays and they seem to have different opinions about what’s best, though they see the planning as a fun challenge. Later, at the pool, Arlet finally tells her friends that she’s with Dani, with a big smile on her face, leaving their friends in a state of awe and confusion.

Next week: Arlet’s parents knock at the door in the morning, when Arlet and Dani are in bed together, and Arlet is not sure whether to tell their parents or not.

Special thanks to: Joana

Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama

What happened: Ansgar is getting nervous because the money from the illegal weapons deal that he tricked Carla into signing hasn’t been deposited into her account yet. Carla returns from Switzerland triumphant and announces that the ship carrying the merchandise sank off the coast of Nigeria.She later admits to Leonard that she was bluffing and that she doesn’t know why the ship hasn’t arrived yet. As soon as it docks in Lagos she will have to sign over her share of the Lahnstein Holding to Ansgar or face a prison sentence.

Ansgar finds out Carla lied but is still worried about the delayed money transfer. Tanja makes an offer and he accepts: she will lend him the money, which can be transferred into Carla’s account by an strawman, and in return he will make her a partner when he gains control of the family business.

Special thanks to: Annelies

— by Sarah Warn

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