Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 29, 2009)



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Show: Suomen huippumalli haussa 2 (The Search for Finland’s Top Model Cyle 2) — Finland, reality competition

What happened: This week the girls had two photoshoots and got a visit from Janice Dickinson. The first photoshoot was for Bellinger glasses and the girls had to pose with a live chameleon. Nanna had some problems with the lizard, but managed to win the challenge (and a 500 euro gift card).

Later that night, Janice surprised the models by taking them out to dinner and peppering them with questions, then falling down the stairs which she attributed the next to mistakenly taking sleeping pills instead of vitamin c pills, and mixing it with alcohol. The second photoshoot of the week was for Gloria magazine and all the girls did well. During judging, Nanna was roasted for how she walked with heels. Janice made it clear that a model should know how to walk with heels and Nanna had never done that before the show. But she wasn’t in the bottom two, and made it to the next week.

Special thanks to: Ilona and emptyinbetween

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama

What happened: Natalia can’t contain her excitement about Rafe’s hearing. Natalia explains to Olivia that when he comes home, it won’t mean they can’t be together. Rafe gets uncomfortable thinking about living at home as Natalia expresses her excitement about it. At Rafe’s hearing, the judge says there’s still a problem, but Frank steps up and offers to be a mentor for Rafe. Rafe is freed, and Natalia is grateful for Frank. Rafe ruins Olivia’s surprise dinner by saying he was hoping for a small dinner of just family, including Frank. Frank decides to stay behind, and Olivia notes he must love Natalia very much. Natalia tries to mother Rafe but he gets irritated and asks her to stop hovering around him. Emma labels a drawing of the farmhouse home and asks Olivia if she misses Natalia. Frank stops by to play ball with Rafe. Natalia doesn’t think Rafe is ready to hear about them. Frank gives Rafe Gus’s badge and explains to him it belongs to him. Olivia thinks that Natalia and Rafe need more time together. They part ways but can’t help but look back at each other.

Show: Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) — Spain, drama

What happened: In the last episode, Curtis overheard Pepa and Silvia having sex in the changing room. He’s sad about this (because he’s in love with Pepa), so he proposes a threesome to Pepa and Silvia, who are shocked. When he finds them kissing later, he reminds them about his proposal, and then starts kissing Silvia. Pepa, still full of guilt cause Curtis almost died protecting Pepa, is caught off guard and doesn’t stop him, so Silvia does, and then leaves the room angry at Pepa.

When Pepa and Silvia talk in the changing room later, Pepa tells Silvia she feels really sorry for Curtis, and that’s why she won’t tell him the truth (that she only told him she loved him because she thought he was dying). Curtis, who is hiding in the shower to surprise Pepa, hears this and starts crying and then leaves.

Special thanks to: Axon

Show/Episode: The Duel II — MTV, reality

What happened: There’s a lot of tension between Rachel, Jenn and Aneesa, and Aneesa has a little chat with Rachel about Rachel’s relationship with Jenn. Jenn overhears this, which leads to a verbal smackdown between Jenn and Aneesa. Aneesa fails to complete the challenge, and Rachel wins, but rather than use her power as the winner to protect Jenn, Rachel decides to keep her personal feelings separate from the politics of the game, which results in Jenn being sent into the duel for the third time. Rather than call Aneesa, as everyone expected, Jenn calls Diem; even though she’d won the same duel twice already, Jenn loses and has to go home. After Jenn leaves, Aneesa tries to talk to Rachel about their past, but Rachel isn’t interested.

What else you need to know: Jenn and Rachel’s relationship, and Jenn’s sexuality, is a major focus of the show’s weekly post-episode webisode chats. Watch one of the discussions here:

Paula, Ryan and Brook debate the meaning of bisexuality

Special thanks to: rusty_tiffany

Show/Episode: Infidels — Spain, drama

What happened: Arlet’s boyfriend, Víctor asks Dani to help him organize a party for Arlet’s birthday, and she’s not so happy about it, but accepts. Arlet confesses to Dani that she is really happy with their relationship, but when she sees her boyfriend, she feels like crying because she feels bad for him. She tells Dani she’s going to talk to him and tell him about them. Dani is taken aback, and asks "Why would you leave a good man with whom you’ve been for eight years for me? You should really think this through." Arlet replies something like, "I’m really sure about this … But you don’t seem to be" and leaves. Later, Dani confesses to Arlet that she only said that because she’s never been with someone more than six months and that she’s kind of a loser because she never achieved what she wanted, and she doesn’t want to hurt Arlet. She gives her a pretty dress as a birthday present, and when the party time arrives, the only people who are there are Víctor and Dani (the others friends couldn’t make it). Víctor’s birthday present? He bought a flat so they can live together. Arlet’s response? "I’m with someone else." Dani says, "I gotta go," and Arlet says, "No, you stay," and when Víctor asks "Is someone at school?" Arlet stands up, holds Dani’s hand, and tells Victor, "I’m sorry."

Special thanks to: Joana

Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama

What happened: Charlie fails to impress a famous artist whom she’d like to patronize her restaurant in order to attract the city’s artistic movers and shakers. Stella, who is aware that the artist in question is a lesbian, kisses Charlie and pretends they are lovers. Her plan works and Charlie is forced to go along with it. Afterwards Charlie is angry with Stella for taking advantage of the situation — until the artist drops by Schneiders and asks if it would be possible for Charlie to host her next exhibition. The next day Charlie has a freak-attack because the local paper printed a photograph of the kiss with a headline declaring Charlie and Stella Düsseldorf’s new lesbian glamour couple. She calls the paper threatening with a lawsuit, whereupon Stella calls her out on her homophobic double standards. Charlie realizes she hurt Stella by reacting the way she did and makes a sincere apology that Stella happily accepts.

Special thanks to: Annelies

Show: Hospital Central — Spain, drama

What happened: Bea (Esther’s ex) appears at their new home and wants to talk to Esther. Maca is angry but Esther tells her to take their son Pedrito to school, that she can handle the situation. Esther then tells Bea that she can’t just show up. Bea wants to take Esther to work, but Esther doesn’t want her to, and just closes the door.

Bea keeps calling Esther during the day, but Esther never answers.

Esther tries to make excuses for Bea by telling Maca that Bea is having a hard time with her divorce, she had broken up with her suddenly, etc, etc.

At the end of the shift Maca calls the school and finds out that Bea took Pedrito. She gets really nervous and yells at Esther, asking if Bea is crazy or what.

Esther calls Bea but she doesn’t answer. Just as they’re about to call the police, Bea appears with Pedrito. Esther and Maca yell at her not to touch their son again, and not to come back anymore, but she’s not listening and keeps trying to speak to Esther. Maca finally loses it and pushes Bea out of the house in such a way that Bea gets hurt and they have to take her to the hospital.

Special thanks to: Clarix (read her recaps at EurOut here)

Show/Episode: College Hill: South Beach — BET, reality

What happened: A love triangle emerges between Paul, Kay (Kathryn) and Allison (who has a crush on Kay). But given the option to hook up with either Allison or Paul, Kay ends up in bed with Paul, while Allison curls up in the next bed trying to ignore what’s going on with her girl crush. Meanwhile, Kay reveals that she was in a relationship with a woman for a year.

Kay, left, and Allison at lunch

Show/Episode: Hasufim (Exposed) — Israel, drama

What happened: Shira is upset in the newsroom, as she watches the news anchor who’s now taken her place. She reflects on how badly she screwed up as Teri comforts her. When the news anchor starts acting goofy on camera, Teri asks Shira if she drugged her, and Shira nods with a smile.

— by Sarah Warn

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