Morning Brew – Tegan and Sara perform “Boyfriend” on “Good Morning America”


Good morning! Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

In some sad news, bisexual women are more likely to experience sexual assault on college campuses.

In another study that for some reason excluded any gays or lesbians but did have a few bisexual-identified people in opposite-sex relationships, delved into pillow talk.

The Handmaiden made a huge splash in Korea this weekend, taking in $12.6 million at the box office.

Broadly writes about fetish porn from the feminist gaze in the UK.

Anat Nir and Dana Ziv are creating lesbian nightlife in Israel.

The Guardian is fascinated by sexual fluidity.

First Lady of New York Chirlane McCray talked about her sexual identity, among other things, with Broadly:

“I believe there is a fluidity that we are only just now growing to be more accepting of and aware of, because people do like to put people in boxes. … I am just living my life.”

Watch two homophobes and transphobes debate if the LGBT movement will self-destruct.

Cara Delevigne is not your trophy.

Finally, Game of Thrones reveals a lesbian! (More on this later today.)

An Australian lesbian couple was harassed by their homophobic Uber driver over the weekend.

WeHoville has a history of LA Pride.

UK reality star Josie Gibson might have to become a lesbian.”

Brittany Ashley “married” her straight best friend for a week and results were hilarious.

Great read: Queer and going to the mosque: “I’ve never felt more Muslim than I do now.”

TV Guide has some photos from the Season 4 premiere of The Fosters.

And here are some Pretty Little Liars premiere pics, too.

Supergirl star Jeremy Jordan is asking fans to help his gay cousin Sarah, who has been sent to “an East Texas Christian boarding facility for troubled teens to ‘pray away the gay.'”

The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s CEO Lorri L. Jean gave a passionate speech about sexism and sexual bias at An Evening With Women.

Veep star Sarah Sutherland talked about Catherine’s coming out and relationship with Marjorie (Clea DuVall).

“It’s nice for us to imagine the evolution of that relationship without having to see it, because it’s very much something that happens off screen. I think there’s a certain lightheartedness in Marjorie and Catherine in the way that feelings and emotions and attractions funnel through them is very understated and matter of fact, and I think they just sort of recognized a like spirit in each other. So I think it’s something that came to be and that Catherine started to assess because of meeting her specifically and suddenly having these feelings that she hadn’t felt before.”

Relevant to your interests: Gillian Anderson has a new starring role in American Gods, a series from Bryan Fuller and Neil Gaiman. Gillian will play a God. Duh.

Elle Macpherson has a “girl crush” on Ruby RoseRuby talked with Refinery29 about her new Urban Decay lipstick launch as well as how she thinks Hollywood is getting more queer-friendly.

“I think what [we’re] doing right is that more and more I’m seeing gay, lesbian, trans, gender-fluid people on mainstream media and [in] films. I’m reading scripts coming through with gay characters and lesbian characters and I think that’s amazing. I think that really strong people are coming out and telling their story — it’s not just actresses and singers, where we kind of get a little bit more freedom to have these kinds of stories. We need to keep telling these stories and get more realistic portrayals.”

Urban Decay: Vice After DarkPhoto by Steven A Henry/Getty Images

Aubrey O’Day, meanwhile, is crushing on Lisa Ling and Rachel Maddow.

Girls Aloud‘s Sarah Harding says she identifies as “straight but open-minded.”

Rolling Stone chats with Tegan and Sara, who also performed their super queer single “Boyfriend” on Good Morning America today.

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