Girlfriends, Forever!: Who Was Right?


Today I got in a real live fight with my LTR girlfriend and we can’t figure out who is right. I’m going to approach this like an objective journalist, recording both sides of the story, and I’ll let you decide.


Her side of the story:

“I got home, cleaned up the house, put clothes in the dryer. I was in a bad mood. I decided to take a nap, like a baby, and feel better. I went to lie down, I was dozing off, I heard you scream my name. I said ‘Whaaat?’ and I didn’t hear you answer, so I went to sleep. Then you called me from the home phone when I was napping, waking me up just to hang up on me.”

My side of the story:

“I got home and had a problem: I needed help brushing our dog’s teeth. I screamed your name throughout the apartment, but no one answered. I sat down on the couch, realizing I was alone with a lot of dirty dog teeth and I was devastated. I figured you weren’t at home. A few minutes later, I called your cell with the home phone. You picked up and said ‘I’m sleeping.’ I said, ‘Why did you ignore me then?’ and hung up.


Sometimes it’s just hard to know who is wrong and who is right. Maybe we are both just hard of hearing, or maybe the fan in our apartment is too loud. Maybe it’s too 2015 for us to have a home phone. Maybe brushing my dog’s teeth wasn’t an emergency. I guess we will never know. Settle this one for us: Who was right?

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