Sound Check: January 2009


Monthly news and reviews of queer women in music.

The best part about bands breaking up is when they form new bands, or at least

start playing again (sometimes referred to as a "musical project").

From the ashes of recently deceased bands like Electrelane,

The Organ, Triple Creme and Le Tigre comes some great new music that we’re sure

to hear more of in 2009.

Former Electrelane guitarist Mia Clarke has a new DJ duo, Dark Habits. Last

September, she joined friend Angelina Schmalzried in putting together

electro-rock and new wave for regular spinning in bars and nightclubs.

Dark Habits’ Angelina Schmalzried (left) and Mia Clarke

Up in Canada,

Katie Sketch (who used to be the frontwoman of the now defunct The Organ) sings

in a band called Mermaids. So far there isn’t too much known about the project,

as Sketch has also just opened a bar in her hometown of Toronto, but she sings/plays the guitar while

her bandmate plays the accordion.

Sketch’s voice and lyrical style is very distinct, so fans

of The Organ will most likely be into whatever she does next.

Katie Sketch

Since Le Tigre went on hiatus, queer member JD Samson has kept busy with her DJ

duo MEN, but has continued to create music in a new band with artists Michael

O’Neill, Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Emily Roysdon. The group is called

Hirsute, and is similar to Le Tigre, but with more guitar and rhythm. No word

on when they will actually release anything, but the three songs available so

far have been pure electro-pop magic.

JD Samson

New York

lesbian band Triple Creme split in 2008, with member Robin Pickering joining

the group Luff and Terry Lafrazia becoming part of BIG. Luff, an all-girl

alt-rock band, is working on an EP to be released this year.


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