Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 17, 2008)



If the crumbs of the Callica love affair on Grey’s Anatomy aren’t satisfying your appetite for girl-loving content, help is on the way. Melissa George (Alias, Mulholland Dr.) will be joining the staff of Seattle Grace as a bisexual intern on Nov. 6.

But — spoiler alert! — it turns out Melissa’s character has a past with another Seattle Grace resident. Someone you’d probably never suspect. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Aussie actor will play a woman with “a history with — holy lipstick lesbians! — Meredith.”

Meredith has a female skeleton in her closet? Well, she does love to over-process every emotion that crosses her psyche’s transom and is closer to her “person” Cristina than she is to her boyfriend. Paging Doctor Clueless.

OK, I’ll play along with the Meredith premise, except less than three weeks ago, EW reported Melissa’s new character was being “groomed as a potential love interest” for either Callie (Sara Ramirez) or Erica (Brooke Smith). Sorry, they’re taken.

And before that, there was speculation that Sandra Oh‘s character, Cristina Yang, was going to the one to come down with a previously undiagnosed case of bisexuality.

What next? Will a woman roll in on a gurney and turn out to be Izzie’s one-time college experiment? Is Lexie going to run into a Candy Striper with whom she used to play doctor?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it’s starting to feel like series creator Shonda Rhimes is throwing big ol’ handfuls of gay against the wall to see what sticks. Again, nothing wrong with that.

Whatever Rhimes’s master plan, Melissa is a welcome addition to the cast, and furthermore, no stranger to Sapphic scenes like this one from Mulholland Dr. with Laura Harring.

In other crazy casting news, look for Papi and the President (The L Word’s Janina Gavankar and Battlestar Galactica’s Mary McDonnell) to pop in later this season.

That is one nutty hospital.

— by Dara Nai