Sound Check: June 2008


I have to admit something: Back in February, I went to see Sia perform at an in-store in Chicago, and later that night, I went to the MEN DJ set. I had hoped I’d be able to confirm that Sia was dating JD Samson — so I could be a master of lesbian gossip — but unfortunately, there was no Sia in sight. I was unable to confirm any of the rumors after Sia’s interview that she was dating the ex-Le Tigre member.

However, a reader alerted me to a recent sighting in New York City, where the two were getting comfortably close at the opening event of House of Campari last week. Thanks to this hot tip, I can speculate further that Sia and JD are (maybe, possibly) sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

JD Samson (left) and Sia

But this news I got straight from the horse’s mouth — more specifically, the mouth of An Horse. I made the trip to Milwaukee, Wisc. to see the Australian duo open up for Tegan and Sara on one of their last U.S. tour stops. Out front woman Kate Cooper met with me before sound check at the Mason Street Grill, where I discovered she is not a vegetarian (for those PETA card-carrying members keeping score).

Don’t hold that against her — she’s an incredible musician, and she has an accent. She’s also brave enough to open for crazed Tegan and Sara fans, whom she said are actually “so lovely and polite.”

“It’s amazing, a lot of fun, awesome and crazy!” Cooper told me. “It’s always scary when you’re opening for a big band, you never know what’s going to happen.”

The drawback? Her accent can be thick on some songs, and Americans don’t get all of the lyrics right.

Kate Cooper

Photo credit: Denise Chambers

“I like people to come up with what I’m saying, but I like them to have a meaning separate from what I mean,” Cooper said. “But then my sister called me and said, ‘Do you really sing about a large c–t? And I was like, ‘No I did not, where did you read that?’ Oh my God, I have to get to [making my lyrics available].”

And while she isn’t singing about monstrous girlie parts, she is always, as she admits, truthful.

“Otherwise I’d be a liar,” Cooper said. “I lie a little bit but not in music. Music, to me, is honest. Maybe if I was a little more dishonest, I’d be a little more popular. Otherwise I’d be a f—ing fraud. Much to my detriment sometimes.”

Hmm, so that line “You want to camp out/and I want to screw around in the dark” is her being honest? Honesty is good.