Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (October 19, 2007)



Unless you’ve been in a coma this week, you’ve heard about Ellen DeGeneres‘ troubles with a pet adoption agency and a pup named Iggy.

Most of the clips on the web have been incomplete, so I think the least we can do is let you see the entire emotional outburst from Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (You can also read a transcript on Ellen’s website.)

It went downhill from there, with wrong-headed fans calling the adoption agency to threaten arson and worse. (Ellen, for her part, has begged her so-called supporters not to be so horrible.) The whole thing was starting to remind me of the media frenzy following one of Rosie O’Donnell‘s many squabbles on The View. But I doubt Ellen will ever implode quite that spectacularly. On Thursday’s show, she said it’s time to accept the situation and move on:

Many of you have had your own say on the blog — here are some choice comments about the doggie drama:

This is no way to resolve a dispute … The U.S. sure loves the court of public opinion. — notshane

Don’t get me wrong, I love Ellen as much as the next lesbian, but that was out of line. — p6der

I hope that Ellen continues to speak out on topics that are near and dear to her… I am loving Ellen more and more every day. — imthey

Ellen’s impassioned plea was gut-wrenching. — jennifer from pittsburgh

I agree that begging for the dog to be returned on TV wasn’t the coolest move, because that’s a setup for death threats … because fans are morons sometimes, and if you make our happy comedian cry, we’ll shank you. — Emmanescence

You hear that? We’ll shank you!


Every year, Entertainment Weekly compiles a photo extravaganza. This year, the photo issue (dated Oct. 19) includes a gallery of stars in their favorite T-shirts. And the first of those is nestled alongside the table of contents, or, as I will henceforth think of it, the table of cuteness. Here’s Portia de Rossi, looking downright stunning in threadbare cotton:

The shirt belonged to an ex-boyfriend, which, according to Portia, “should tell you how old it is. … I actually bought another. And I’ll probably wear holes in that one, too.” Hmm, I’m thinking maybe her next T-shirt purchase should be one that says FREE IGGY. Or maybe READ ALL PET ADOPTION AGREEMENTS BEFORE SIGNING.