Morning Brew – Lily Tomlin to be recognized at Kennedy Center Honors


Good morning! First, I’d like to express my sadness in our losing legendary comedian Joan Rivers. A longtime friend to lesbians, Joan has been close with Lily Tomlin for years, and I’ll never forget seeing Joan interview Lily as her famous character Ernestine on The Joan Rivers Show.

Rest in peace, Joan!

Speaking of Lily will be recognized at the 37th annual Kennedy Center Honors this December. Well deserved!

L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center And Lily Tomlin Announce $25 Million Campaign For Affordable Housing For LGBT Youth And Seniors

Another day, another paparazzi photo of Rihanna kissing a female friend. Get it, girl.

Missy Elliott has never discussed her sexuality, but 50 Cent might have just tried to out her. The rapper went on a radio show and was asked why he had a problem with having Missy in the studio at the same time as his protege Olivia.

“Nah, I didn’t have no problem. Missy started hitting it. If you really wanna know. See, it’s her fault for actually saying that to you. Trust me.”

Sprite Street Couture Showcase - Inside Party - May 24, 2006

Olivia told another program, though, it’s not true.

“Absolutely not. That’s the homie….He was mad because at one point we were doing so much music together, he was getting upset—because I wasn’t really at the crib doing a whole bunch of music with the Unit but he heard all the records I did with Miss so he felt some type of way.”

We have another power lesbian in the White House! Megan Smith has been named Chief Technology Officer of the United States. Now if someone can just play her on House of Cards.

"Google's Made With Code" Launch Event To Inspire Girls To Code Hosted By Mindy Kaling And Featuring Chelsea Clinton

Related: DC’s Lesbian Power Wedding, a piece from The Daily Beast on two VIP gay women (one a deputy legal advisor on the National Security Council, the other a legal counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence). It’s all a part of our gay agenda!

Huffington Post hails Natasha Lyonne as the person who “ushered in the next wave of LGBT portrayals.” If you love But I’m a Cheerleader, it’s worth a read.

Slow news week, National Enquirer? “REVEALED! KINKY SECRETS OF MARTINA NAVRATILOVA’S LESBIAN LOVER.” AKA bisexuality and S&M.

2013 US Open - Day 13

Speaking of S&M, The Duke of Burgundy is premiering at TIFF this week and is about “An intense, sadomasochistic relationship between a wealthy amateur lepidopterist (Sidse Babett Knudsen) and her newly hired housekeeper (Chiara D’Anna) — who essentially becomes her sex slave.”


Patricia Rozema‘s new film with Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood, Into the Forest, just wrapped filming but is already a hot property at TIFF.

Some of our faves are on this list of Next Gen Canada: 15 Hottest Talents Under 35, including Shay Mitchell and Ali Liebert.

I spy Black Canary in this Arrow teaser.

Dana Piccoli sent me this link to a Facebook group in support of Barb Webb, the teacher fired from her Detroit Catholic High School.

Ellen DeGeneres stopped into visit Bob Harper at his CrossFit Gym this week.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - September 03, 2014

Her wife Portia de Rossi will be playing “a powerful woman” on Scandal. We want to know more!

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