Feminist Friday: Tummy Eggs


This Week in Ladybits

You read last week that Google has stopped running deceptive “crisis pregnancy center” ads for people who search for abortion services. And now thanks to petition pressure from NARAL and UltraViolet, so has Yahoo.

Abortion counselor Emily Letts put her abortion story on YouTube. Jessica Valenti explained why it’s important to stop confining pro-choice stories to the most “socially acceptable” or sympathetic cases.

The intrepid Clom alerted me to the fact that Australia also has its share of politicians who are pretending to support women by locking down their ladybits. MP Geoff Shaw has proposed six huge changes to Victoria’s abortion laws… All based on his extensive biological knowledge of “tummy eggs.”

And I think we may have just unleashed number 3 on the GOP’s Nightmare List: sex-having women with spare cash.

59FF1Image by ThinkProgress, via Twitter

This Week in Thinky

My redoutable correspondent Archer sent me this good news/bad news piece. The good news is that men and women are both seen as competent leaders! The bad news is that this doesn’t apply if women are self-evaluating. Channel the Hapshepsut within you and push past it, ladies.

Hey, you know those (heterocentric) studies you’ve read your whole goddamn life about how you make better or worse sexual decisions based on whether you have an egg in the pipeline? Screw those.

George R.R. Martin talked about his thinking behind the use of sexual violence in the Game of Thrones books.

Peggy Orenstein had some ideas about raising girls who can surf the princess culture instead of swimming in it.

After a heartfelt worldwide reaction to the Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram, there has been some pushback to the way Westerners have been trying to help. I’ve seen pleas this week to stop naming the girls publicly, and to re-think some of the attempts to raise awareness on the grounds that they may actually make the political situation in Nigeria worse. (Via Feministing)

And National Geographic looked at research bias while reminding us that all that animal penis research should be animal vagina research.

This Week in Ugh

I know people keep declaring racism and sexism over, but there’s a little problem with that when women and minorities try to e-mail their professors.

And the Las Vegas police held a purity event to let girls know that having sex before marriage leads to drugs and sex trafficking and gang violence and body bags. (Just for girls, of course. Boys don’t have consequences, silly!) (Via Wonkette)

This Week in Entertainment

We learned that male gamers who choose female avatars behave just a little differently.

The Mary Sue ran an intriguing review of Belle, directed by Amma Asante. You can hear Asante’s Morning Edition interview on NPR.

Oh, dear. Someone taught Divergent’s Shailene Woodley that feminists don’t like men. And a bunch of other horsedootery. Someone sit her down with her paycheck and gently explain.

You guys. YOU GUYS. Maya Rudolph is taking what looks like a good and thorough swat at bringing back the variety show. The pilot airs in just a couple of weeks. Are you adequately prepared?

Speaking of the women of SNL, viewers flipped right the hell out about Leslie Jones and her Weekend Update bit on Saturday. I thought Splitsider had a great take on it, but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

And you can get some bounce in your heart by reading Gabourey Sidibe’s speech from the Ms. Foundation Gala. And then read Amy Schumer’s speech and feel your heart keep right on bouncing.

Ms. Foundation Women Of Vision Gala: 2014Photo courtesy of Getty Images

This Week in Awesome

Sometimes the Internet is magical. Like when it introduces us all to Betty Soskin.

Yes, you do want to know more about her.

Helena Costa has become the first female coach of a major European men’s soccer team. Felicitations, Clermont!

And prepare to lose some time to the fantastic Little Girls Are Better at Designing Superheroes Than You tumblr.





Have a great weekend. Get out there and find your own superpower.

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