Feminist Friday: “Anita” Reminds us of Dunderheads Past


This Week in Ladybits

Have you been keeping up with the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case? UltraViolet and these helpful puppets sum it up for you. No, they’re not kidding. What Hobby Lobby is demanding is seriously nuts, and they have a shot at winning.

You know what? I’ll accept a ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby if we also appoint Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg The Boss of the Supreme Court and and she gets to make individual decisions about who gets penis pumps and boner pills.

This Week in Thinky

Brazil and the Middle East are known for having wildly different standards of dress for women. But NPR’s Lourdes Garcia-Navarro wondered if the relaxed standards about nudity really mean more better standards of treatment for Brazilian women.

The Independent will no longer be reviewing gender-specific children’s books.

Melissa Harris-Perry’s Nerdland Scholar Challenge connected the women’s suffrage movement with the temperance movement and looked at suffrage, race, and gender.

Pandagon took a long and thorough look at model Elliott Sailors and gender fluidity.

"Big Sur" New York Premiere - ArrivalsGetty Images

The New York Times Magazine examined the science of bisexuality—and the difficulties of presenting it to the culture at large.

Here’s some women’s history for you: Frieda Mock’s documentary Anita opens this week in select cities. It’s pretty mind-blowing where the state of sexism was just a couple of decades ago.

Lynn Povich and Jesse Ellison talking about the evolution (and lack therof) of the corporate culture at Newsweek is another interesting slice of recent history. (Via The Society Pages)

And Felicia Day posted an excellent crash course on why casting a white woman as Tiger Lily in Peter Pan is not the same as casting a black guy as The Human Torch.

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This Week in Finally

The U.S. State Department is now sending Americans to Uganda to try to undo the damage that American anti-gay Evangelicals have wrought.

This Week in Bad-Assery

The Historical Times tumblr featured this terrific picture of American nurses landing in Normandy.

historicaltimestumblrpicImage via Historical Times on tumblr

Via the marvelous Kate Beaton. Oh, did you want more Kate Beaton? Me too, always, and we’re in luck. Here’s the interview she gave to The Appendix this week.)

Charmian Gooch won the $1million TED prize—and called for the outing of corporate criminals as she accepted it.

The Telegraph looked at Afghan policewomen who are taking on the Taliban.

And Feministing schooled us on Juana Briones.

This Week in Awesome

Alexis Wilkinson became the first African American woman president of the Harvard Lampoon. You can get to know her in this quick-but-engaging interview in Forbes.

The Root spotlighted some young black feminists to keep an eye on.

And The Mary Sue featured artist Amanda Robinson’s roller derby Disney Princesses.

mulanrudeImage by Amanda Robinson via The Mary Sue

Have a great weekend. Get out there and get things rolling.

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