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The first person to be cast in One Big Happy, Liz Feldman and Ellen DeGeneres‘s new comedy, is Nick Zano. He’ll play the main lesbian character’s male BFF who gave his sperm for her to get pregnant.

Callie and Arizona do not look like they are reciting sweet nothings to one another in the pics from Grey’s Anatomy‘s mid-season premiere. Yikes.



Pretty Little Liars executive producer Joseph Dougherty talked with EW about what we can expect from Paily in tonight’s noir episode.

“I’m interested in seeing how people react to [the Emily-Paige stuff]. They’re the story that you wouldn’t have actually been able to tell in the 40s and I just know that when we started I said, ‘Well this is the impossible romance, so I’m going to give them all the romantic trappings that a straight couple would get having an affair,’ and it’s interesting. I don’t know if their kiss would be as dramatic if it had been done in the contemporary context. I wanted to give them the hyper romantic moment.”


I can’t wait! I love hyper romance.

Author VG Lee writes about how coming out in her 30s was awesome.

UK soccer player Casey Stoney (London Arsenal) came out this week in an interview with BBC Sport:

“I was living a lie. It’s really important to speak out as a gay player because there are so many people struggling who are gay. You hear about people taking their lives because they are homosexual. That should never happen.”

The FA WSL Continental Cup Final - Arsenal Ladies v Lincoln Ladies

England Women v Turkey Women - FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 Group 6 Qualifier

Casey said she was inspired by the positive response swimmer Tom Daley received after his coming out as bisexual. Welcome to the club, Casey! We love our soccer players! (Watch video of her talking about it at the link above.)

Director Abhishek Chaubey talked about putting together Bollywood’s first high-profile lesbian romance in Dedh Ishqiya.

Cynthia Nixon is all laughs on the set of Hannibal.



You can see her guest star when the new season premieres on Feb. 28.

Out video artist Elisa Kreisinger was interviewed over at Mashable.

Sarah Paulson was in the front row for the Honor show at New York Fashion Week.

Honor - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

Honor - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

kd lang is currently starring on Broadway in the musical After Midnight. See her before the show closes March 9!

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