The Huddle: Warning Signs


Wouldn’t it be great if we all came with warning signs? We’d know exactly what we were getting into with prospective friends, dates, bosses, strangers. This week we put our new graphic designer Jenna Lykes to the task of creating some signage that we would wear on our chest or heads if we could all agree this was something worth doing.

Grace Chu: AE_sign-1

Elaine Atwell: AE_sign-2

Ali Davis:AE_sign-3


Lucy Hallowell:AE_sign-5

Bridget McManus:AE_sign-6

Valerie Anne:AE_sign-7

Kim Hoffman:AE_sign-8

Heather Hogan:AE_sign-9

Dara Nai:AE_sign-10

Dana Piccoli:AE_sign-11

Anna Pulley:AE_sign-12

Trish Bendix:AE_sign-13

Erika Star:AE_sign-14

Jill Guccini:AE_sign-15

Nicole Schultz:AE_sign-16

What would your warning sign look like? Feel free to borrow ours as needed.

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