Feminist Friday: Uncontrolled Libidos


This Week in Ladybits

Wednesday was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and, wow, reproductive rights are in one hell of a perilous position lately. Even protective buffer zones around clinics are under attack. And even though that seems impossible, there’s a faction of the GOP that still wants to push harder to shut down reproductive rights.

Also on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Irin Carmon answered questions about reproductive rights for msnbc.com. It’s well worth a look.

(Say, how are those Republican efforts to reach out to women going? Kansas House of Reps, have you been studying your Talking to Ladypersons booklets?)

FF courtesy of Occupy Democrats, via Facebook

…But Rep. Rothlisburg was almost charming compared to Mike Huckabee’s amazing hat trick of misogyny, dog-whistle politics, and mansplaining. Were you aware that it’s secretly anti-birth control dudes like Huckabee who understand and support women the very most? And that people who want women to have access to birth control are just trying to tell women that they can’t control their ladybits raging libidos? No, really.

Hear that, ladies? It’s Mike Huckabee and his pals who really get you: The only Huckabirthcontrol you need is to stop Huckabanging unless it’s in the straight, married, strictly procreative context that Mike finds Huckabearable.

Mike trusts you. So if you get the urge to have sex of any kind for pleasure, just think of Mike Huckabee until the urge goes away. Should be a pretty quick fix. (I’m sorry I just made you Huckabarf.)

In a particularly weaselball twist, Huckabee isn’t even being sincere when he spews this gross nonsense. He signed a bill requiring insurance companies to cover contraception when he was governor. So he’s trying to screw over women and use dog-whistle politics just to pander to the creepiest people in his base in a purely cynical move. What a total Huckabastard.

There are bright spots in the world of pushback though: North Carolina’s insane law requiring doctors to parrot an anti-abortion message written by state legislators while administering a forced ultrasound to any woman seeking an abortion has been struck down, because for chrissakes, we are not living in a Margaret Atwood novel just yet.

And the White House issued a statement reaffirming a woman’s right to make her own intensely private medical decisions.

Another bright spot: Sarah Silverman is here for us. And so is Jesus. Do I need to tell you that this is NSFW? It’s NSFW.

This Week in Good

The FBI has arrested “revenge porn” entrepreneur Hunter Moore. Not only did this crapsack and his crapsack sidekick Charles Evans hack into computers to steal private images of women for the purpose of posting or blackmailing or blackmailing and then posting anyway, they also manufactured convincing-looking fake images of women who had never posed nude at all. Just to ruin their lives for funsies. And then there is the basic scumballery of posting images without the consent of the women in them as a freaking business model. Anyway, one hears that the FBI doesn’t like to move in until they have a very good case, so it looks like these jagboxes are going to jail. Good.

Because profiled seven Arab women entrepreneurs you should follow.

And a Ninth Circuit Court panel has unanimously ruled that, because of that little thing about how we are supposed to give all citizens equal protection under the law, you can’t exclude prospective jurors for being LGBT. According to legal analysts, this ruling should also make it harder for states to hang on to their same-sex marriage bans and other forms of institutionalized anti-LGBT discrimination. If I may paraphrase a text from an attorney friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous: “BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA awesome!”

Speaking of same-sex marriage bans, hello, dominos! Six couples have filed suit to challenge Florida’s ban. And Virginia’s new attorney general says he won’t defend the commonwealth’s ban because he believes it’s unconstitutional. Damn skippy it is. Way to start pulling back from the crazy, Virginia. Keep it up.

This Week in Awful

If you were following the Twitterverse or the world of sports this week, you saw the deeply troubling story of Dr. V. What started as an investigative piece about a putter that came with some farfetched claims turned into a transwoman being outed to one of her investors and eventually committing suicide. And then being publicly outed posthumously.

The lack of sensitivity in the pursuit and reporting of the piece are astonishing. And the fact that nobody—nobody—involved with pursuing, editing, or posting piece that evolved over several months had any idea about the dangers that trans* people face or even stopped to wonder if there might be some is frustrating and heartbreaking. Grantland ran an apology of sorts and, to their credit, a guest editorial by trans* writer Christina Kahrl. Nevertheless, feelings over this one are still understandably very raw. ThinkProgress suggested 10 questions ESPN and Grantland founder Bill Simmons should answer.

This Week in Awesome

Seven-year-old Sophie Lester wanted a dragon. So she politely asked the scientists at Australia’s national science agency for one and promised to take good care of it. What she got was a standing job offer… And a dragon.

Pussy Riot is coming to Brooklyn. Watch for coverage from AfterEllen’s own Grace Chu.

Ahahahahahahaha! [Short breath; soft weeping]

Cate Blanchett cheerfully (and accurately) called out the sexism of the creepy ogle shot of the E! Network’s “glam cam.”


And this dunk will make your day. I love it so much.

Have a great weekend. Get out there and steal the show.

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