Morning Brew – Jennifer Lawrence kisses Amy Adams in “American Hustle”


Good morning! Can you believe it’s finally Thanksgiving week?

Some sad news out of Atlanta today: Out chef Ria Pell has passed away. Not too many details are known, but the beloved winner of Chopped and owner of Ria’s Bluebird was said to have died suddenly in her home. My Facebook has been flooded with lesbians from all over paying tribute to Ria for her hospitality and love. May she rest in peace.


Last night on The Walking Dead, our new lesbian character, Tara, got a girlfriend, Alicia (Juliana Harkavay). No spoilers but suffice to say they survived the episode.


Good news for those who love Jennifer Lawrence and/or Amy Adams: The two co-stars of American Hustle kiss in the new movie. Vulture writes:

Lawrence and Adams don’t share much screen time in American Hustle — the former is Christian Bale‘s surly wife, and the latter is his sexy mistress, and he therefore endeavors to keep them as separate as possible — but when they do meet up in the middle of the movie, sparks inevitably fly. The scene takes place in a hotel bathroom, and after the two glamorously attired women throw plenty of pointed barbs at each other, Lawrence unexpectedly lurches forward to plant a long, sustained kiss on her adversary’s lips. As she teeters away, a shocked Adams stands stock still, another woman’s lipstick smeared all over her mouth. “I don’t take credit for a lot of things,” Adams noted after the movie, “but that was my idea.” Russell called it “a period to their toxic good-bye,” but Adams mused, “Maybe I just wanted to kiss Jennifer. She’s so cute!”



And Amy Adams used to say directors made her do lesbian kisses in films! How the tables have turned. #seeingthismovieimmediately

The Wall Street Journal went inside Diana Nyad‘s home which, hilariously, does not have a pool.

Musician Tami Hart‘s wedding is featured on Refinery29. I love that she met her wife on MySpace.


I recently wrote a review of the new horror film Contracted. Well the director doesn’t like any of the comments he’s received from gay girls, apparently.

A lot of my gay friends have seen my movie and love it. They say it’s so progressive for non-heterosexual characters because you don’t see that in mainstream genre films. It’s usually straight man, straight woman, so I was really happy about that. So the response has been the lesbians being pissed that she sleeps with a man. She’s not taking her sexuality seriously, she’s being bisexual, obviously she’s bisexual. I never once said that she’s a lesbian. She says that she’s a lesbian in the movie but it’s because she’s flawed and she’s lying to herself. She’s in denial and it’s clear in my opinion. I didn’t say it’s a lesbian horror film, somebody else did, whoever put that up on YouTube. They got pissed and I said hey, I never said that. You should watch the movie before you judge me and they’re like no, go f–k yourself. It’s been a very interesting thing and I’m just a vocal a-hole anyways so I’ll go and respond to them anyways. I’m very polite, I’m never going to be rude to anyone, but I encourage them to watch the film before they banish me to hell.

OK, which one of you banished him?

Adèle Exarchopoulos has something to share with haters of Blue is the Warmest Color.

“You don’t have to be a lesbian to know how to make love to a woman. So does that mean that if a woman makes love to another woman for the first time with no prior experience that she’s not doing it right? Then it would be the same thing for heterosexual sex, no? It’s easy to criticize and I think it is borderline stupid to take a movie of three hours and go searching for the imperfections. In any piece of art it is the imperfections that make it worthy. If it is perfect, why make cinema?”

I like what she had to say.

The New York Times asked Patricia Cornwell about her favorite reads. Here’s what’s on her coffee table:

“A photography book that features our bulldog, Tram, in many different poses and settings. But we don’t dress him up, as he is very proud. Well, maybe an occasional Red Sox cap or pair of boxer shorts.”

Meanwhile, she’s reading books like Sexual Murder and The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success.

For the femme in your life: It’s All Butch 2014 calendar.


Ellen DeGeneres answered a few #nofilter questions for Huffington Post. Well, sort of. Here’s why she says good friends are hard to find:

“Because you have to just trust somebody and know that you can be completely yourself and there’s no judgment and I think there are a lot of people in the world that have judgment or agendas and ego about stuff, so I think it’s hard to find somebody that you totally trust and have complete confidence in.”

If all the lesbian bars are closing, then where are lesbians going? A few gay girls try to answer this question.

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