Feminist Friday: Ladies Don’t Make Jokes About Fingerblasting


This Week in Ladybits

As a reminder that “crisis pregnancy centers” are often “lying centers with no ethics and no medical personnel,” the Exposing Fake Clinics tumblr catalogues the brutal emotional pressure and blatant lies that pregnant women who go to them endure.

FF 1.11.22

Ugh. The Supreme Court did not block the crazeballs Texas abortion law. That immediately stops fully a third of the state’s abortion providers from offering service. And that is one big state with some wide spaces to cross to get to the next clinic. In his dissent, Justice Stephen Breyer pointed out that this leaves 24 counties in the Rio Grande valley without abortion services. Can you imagine how pissed off the right would be if new restrictions left 24 Texas counties without a place to buy a gun?

At least Monday gave us the Lady Parts Justice pop-up telethon Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose to help the Texas women who are currently suffering under the new rules. Longtime Ladybits warriors Lizz Winstead and Sarah Silverman hosted, with appearances by comedian Amy Schumer, out activist Sally Kohn, and cast members from Orange is the New Black, among many others.

On Twitter, Chef Mario Batali helped pitch in and swatted down a few eejits in the process.

They’ve raised more than $53,000 so far, and, yes, you can still donate.

And in the win column, Albuquerque voters stopped a citywide 20-week abortion ban.

This Week in Thinky

Aspiring Wyoming Senator (and daughter/defender of torture aficionado DickLiz Cheney tried to buff up her far-right street cred by saying she’s against same-sex marriage. Which means the marriage of Liz’s sister Mary Cheney shouldn’t exist, then? Mary Cheney and her wife Heather Poe took to Facebook to fire back at Liz’s latest round of grody statements on the matter. So do we trust that this is a real and delicious fight, or is this a way for Mary Cheney to speak out for same-sex marriage while sneakily helping Liz look tough and extra-conservative for her creepy far-right base? Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the former.

The women of Feministing hashed out the [upsetting spoiler] scene from last week’s Scandal. Get ready to do some unpacking.

Oh. Hell. Yes. If you want to make me just about pass out with joy, alert me to an all-female team of scientists who are making possible new hominid discoveries while spelunking like TOTAL SCIENCE BAD-ASSES. Alia Gurtov has been tweeting up some serious awesome.

Can fragile ladybrains handle tech? Fox Business is JUST WONDERING, you guys.

Apparently Batgirl and Red Sonja writer Gail Simone craves a little more variety in her interviews.

By the way, Ms. Simone is one hell of an enjoyable Twitter follow, assuming you enjoy things like hilarity, smarts, and fun.

Previously missing jailed Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova has turned up…in confinement in Siberia. Though apparently this development may actually be an improvement.

And Variety TV critic Brian Lowry took it upon himself to tut-tut at Sarah Silverman for daring to say bad words and make naughty jokes just like—Gasp!—boys sometimes do. Splitsider (among many others) took umbrage at how ridiculous and sexist and patronizing Lowry is being (a twenty-year career is “promising?”) toward Silverman… And then HappyPlace pointed out that Lowry pulled the exact same stupidity with Amy Schumer.

I guess Silverman is correct: Vaginas really scare some people. Anyway, ladies, if you think Mr. Lowry may be watching, be sure to stick to only your very daintiest jokes about tea parties and flowers. NOT THOSE FLOWERS.

This Week in Good

This clever smartphone app looks like an innocuous newsreader, but the help section actually features resources for domestic violence victims. You can also use it to set your phone to alert trusted contacts with a few quick taps.

A Kenyan judge in Meru has ruled in favor of a coalition of girls—and against the local police—for failing to investigate sexual attacks. Two women helped make the case happen.

The first three women to complete the Marine Corps School of Infantry training graduate this week. A fourth made it almost all the way, but couldn’t complete her finals due to an injury. The four of them took a fun group photo earlier in the week.

And Gloria Steinem was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

My favorite bit from this Washington Post interview:

What do you have to say to women of color and non-cisgender women who feel like the feminist movement lacks intersectionality?

I don’t have to say anything; I have to listen.

This Week in a Long Way to Go

Wednesday was the Transgender Day of Remembrance in honor of the 238 transfolk who were murdered in the last year — and that of course only includes the murders that can be documented.

This Week in Awesome

Oh, this ode to girls who read is almost as lovely as girls who read.

(Thanks, Archer for the link!)

…And for smart girls of a more rambunctious nature (and, no, there’s no reason the two types can’t intersect), this ad for Goldie Blox is just the best. It’s been flying around the net for a few days, but the always-wonderful Lucy Hallowell tipped me off ahead of the curve.

For those of you who don’t already have “Elizabeth Bennett” tattooed across your back, some lovely Jane Austen tattoos.

FF 2.11.22

And The Onion had some important tips for women in the workplace.

Have a great weekend. Get out there and break a few glass ceilings.

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