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“You've heard it over and over gain, in the media, on every sitcom, from husbands and boyfriends everywhere, same sex encounters between women is every man's fantasy. Dirty little secret: it's almost every woman's too.”

— A Sept. 27, 2006, press release announcing the VH1 News presentation Women Seeking Women: A Bi-curious Journey

“ I was only bi-curious and VERY shy when I got to Hedonism III for the Wild Women's Week. … The Pajama Party, Tuesday night at the disco changed everything. Beth, you must have read my thoughts when you started that three way kiss with D******. Our lips were locked the rest of the week only coming up for air to eat.”

— A.B. from Kentucky in a testimonial to Wild Women Vacations/First Travel, a company selling “bi and bi-curious adventures” to heterosexual couples and single women.

Last spring, VH1 News accompanied four women — Tammy, Wendy, Robbyn and Linda — and their husbands to the Hedonism III resort in Jamaica to film Women Seeking Women: A Bi-curious Journey, which originally aired on Oct. 5. According to the show's description on, “While there, [the women] made a bold step in transforming their bi-curious fantasies into bi-sexual reality.”

Bi-sexual reality? Uh, that's pushing it.

On the show's website, Women Seeking Women is described as a “cinema vérité-style documentary.” I call it thinly veiled sensationalism.

Instead of providing an intelligent, sober view of the many types of bisexual experiences that people have in our culture, VH1 News provides one vapid view of wife-on-wife action, resulting in little more than a how-to for sexually bored, heterosexual couples.

While I'm all for consenting adults fulfilling their sexual fantasies in any ways they wish, it's hardly “a dirty little secret” that straight women have bisexual fantasies and act on them, and it's certainly not “news” that their husbands or boyfriends are eager to watch those fantasies play out.

Attempting to pass off Women Seeking Women: A Bi-curious Journey as a legitimate documentary by producing it out of VH1's News division is not only insulting to anyone who can easily distinguish news from sensationalism, but also to those of us who work hard to make sure that the viewing public understands the distinction.

The one-hour program focuses primarily on Tammy, a 37-year-old mother from the small town of Necedah, Wis., who makes the trip to Hedonism because, as reported on, she has “ always fantasized about women, but never acted out her fantasy.”

Eager to “ spice up” her 15-year marriage, Tammy, along with her husband Mike, planned their getaway with the help of another couple, Beth and Robert. Beth and Robert own Wild Women Vacations. On their website,, they tell prospective clients that they specialize in delivering “erotic vacation experiences” to “STRAIGHT women with BISEXUAL fantasies,” “BI-CURIOUS women seeking their first beautiful experience,” and “BISEXUAL women whose motto is … ‘SO MANY WOMEN, SO LITTLE TIME.'”

Those caps clearly indicate that Beth and Robert have their fingers somewhere other than on the pulse of the bisexual community. Where? You can't make me write it.

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