AfterEllen Huddle: How to fix what’s broken on television


If you’ve spent much time hanging around AfterEllen, you know our writers and our readers have a lot of feelings about how to fix our favorite television, so for this week’s Huddle we asked: If you could change one thing about one TV show, what would it be? You’ll be shocked to hear that we had trouble narrowing our solutions down to single digits.

Lucy Hallowell: Pretty Little Liars uses Paige as the star of its hiatus series chronicling her work as the Dark Knight. She rides a motorcycle (Caleb can even sit in the sidecar) and they fight crime. If they casually drop in that Gladys Witham is Spencer’s Canadian Nana, that would be cool too.

Dorothy Snarker: I’d make Rizzoli & Isles the out and proud lesbian lady lovers we all know they are. Come on, you’re not fooling anyone. You live in Boston, everyone is cool with it. It gets better, I promise.

Also, apologies for saying “lover” not between the words “meat” and “pizza.”

Dana Piccoli: I’d want to see Buffy renewed, with her and the Scoobies dealing with life in their 30s. Like, after Buffy kicks a demon, she has to ice her bad knee. Willow starts using magic to cover her greys. Dawn is getting her post graduate degree from Oberlin. Xander has a big potbelly and has to start taking Lipator. Oh and also, Tara is not dead.

Bridget McManus: I’d have all the female characters on HBO’s True Blood become vengeful lesbians and kill/feed off of all the male characters. I would also resurrect Evan Rachel Wood‘s Queen Sophie-Anne to rule over this new lady-lovin land.

Jill Guccini: I would make there be a queer character on Parenthood (preferably a lesbian, duh) because otherwise, that show is PERFECTION and I love it so so so much and if there was a gay I could write the longest recaps of it ever while I weep happy/sad tears.

Elaine Atwell: Not that I don’t love Matt Smith to pieces, but when his tenure as The Doctor ends, I think it’s time we saw a lady star of Doctor Who. I once heard it suggested that Lip Service‘s Fiona (Cute as A) Button would make a great next Doctor, and I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head. Plus, The Doctor’s companion is usually a woman with whom he has some sexual tension, so that would be nice too.

Valerie Anne: I really, really, really, really want Little Red/Ruby to end up being Belle’s “beast” in Once Upon A Time. They’ve already done a little gender-bending, making Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk a woman, so I think they could push the envelope a little further and make a fairytale character or two queer. [I would also be very okay with Emma and Regina shacking up and raising Henry together. And by raising Henry together I mean shipping Henry off to boarding school and living together.]

Marcie Bianco: I’d save Freaks & Geeks from being canceled after its first season. I think doing this, ironically, would have irrevocably changed James Franco‘s career and would have saved us from being assaulted by his presence in every movie, web video, porno, and HuffPo article.

Erika Kimpel: I’ve never been sure if I am Smash‘s number one fan or it’s one and only but it seems to be the latter. If my show tunes loving heart had it’s way, Smash would stay on the air and they would tour with both Bombshell and Hit List. Whatever does happen, at least I’ll always have my beloved Smash Pandora station.

Heather Hogan: I’d un-cancel Bomb Girls. I’d un-cancel it for six seasons and a movie.

If you could change one thing about one TV show, what would it be?

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