Afternoon Delight: Melissa McCarthy wants Susan Sarandon for “Tammy,” Miley Cyrus twerks a unicorn onesie


Good afternoon!

Happy birthday to Rosie O’Donnell!

Remember when the Emmy award-winning out talk show host had not one, but two dolls?

Folk singer Michelle Shocked made headlines for her recent on stage anti-gay tirade. Well, Shocked’s hate speech was recorded and the audio clip is below. At the 5:20 mark you can clearing make out Shocked saying, “Once Prop 8 gets instated and once preachers are held at gunpoint and forced to marry the homosexuals, I’m pretty sure that will be the signal for Jesus to come on back. Will someone be so gracious to please tweet out ‘Michelle Shocked just said from stage God hates faggots.’ Will you do it now?”


Tonight JD Samson will be performing at Berlin Nightclub in Chicago, IL. 

Melissa McCarthy is casting her directorial debut Tammy and she has her heart set on Susan Sarandon playing her grandmother. Her grandmother? She’s not old enough to play her grandmother! Speaking of McCarthy, in the Sesame Street clip below she shakes her thang with Elmo and teaches kids the word “choreographer.” Has Sesame Street run out of small words?

There is some lady on lady lovin’ in the vampire film Kiss of the Damned, in theaters May 3. 

Penelope Cruz and a zillion cats posed for the Capri 2013 calendar. This photo makes my nose itch.

In the below video Miley Cyrus shakes her booty in a unicorn onesie.  (Ralphie Parker wants his pjs back.)

Rumor has it Kristen Wiig will join forces with her former SNL castmate Will Ferrell for the indie comedy Welcome to Me.

Colombian model Natalia Paris believes that if young children consume chickens that are injected with hormones it can “turn” them gay. WTF?

If you or your gay friends are getting married this weekend BBC might want to document your nuptials for a feature film about the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage in the United States. For more information email Lynsea Garrison at BBC News.

This Sunday the lovely (and super gay) Fortune Feimster will be headlining at the Gotham Comedy Club (208 W. 23rd St.) in New York, NY. 

Tweet of the day!

Out photographer Tasya van Ree posed with a T-shirt I totally want to wear to Dinah Shore. 

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