New Music Tuesday on Wednesday: No Doubt, Lavender Diamond, Dragonette, Psalm One and More


I apologize for the delay my friends but I’ve had a hectic week and no internet until this afternoon. Now, I am ready to do the happy dance and feel like a whole person once more. I won’t delay this any longer because there are some really great new albums out this week for you to dig in to. 

Psalm One – Child Support (Psalm One/Ascap/America Scores)

Chicagoan and Queen of the weekly #RealTalk Tuesday Twitter thread, Psalm One absolutely kills it with this album. The MC has used her knowledge and put it to good use by taking it to schools all across the country and working with children to formulate collaboration tracks with each school. Now, having the kids come up with their own lyrics and then passing the mic to the next Lil’ rapper could have easily come across as gimmicky, but it’s obvious how much care, time and teaching she put into this project which makes it just as hard-hitting – if not more honest and relevant – as most of the rap and hip hop albums being released these days. Shout outs and all each song will have you bob your head and want to sing along. Teaching the importance of words, their meaning and how you can put them to good use is a lesson not being taught enough in the school system right now. Thanks to Psalm and everyone involved in the making of this album, the future is looking brighter.

No Doubt – Push and Shove (Interscope)

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Apparently No Doubt got the reggaeton dubstep memo and then were like, “Wait! We did that a long ass time ago!” It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from the band as a collective and since I wasn’t all that amped on Gwen Stefani’s most recent solo material I was very happy to have something new to dig into. Overall, I’m actually pretty pleased. While I’m tired of a lot of the beats they’re using and almost every song gives me reason to cringe for a second, they make up for it with a mid-song change of pace making room for a smile on my face and beats primed for shoulder dancing.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Melody’s Echo Chamber (Self-released)

Photo by Matthew C. Saville

If you’re in the mood to zone out and be lulled into a trance-like state of mind, forget the drugs kids! This album will make you forget which train stop to get off at and/or the last paragraph you read in the book you were reading that you vowed would be your favorite book of all time and added to your Ok iPod profile. Think El Perro Del Mar meets Stereolab meets Broadcast who then has a play date with Cibo Matto. As if they needed to steal my heart more, the album ends on a Bjork “One Day”-like song entitled “Be Proud of Your Kids.” Thank you universe for at least giving me a nod in the right direction!

Lavender DiamondIncorruptible Heart (Paracadute)

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Some albums are best listened to with a good pair of headphones and this Incorruptible Heart is one of them. Singer Becky Stark’s heartbreakingly pure vocals are both angelic and strong while the band and production behind her morphs their sound seamlessly going from minimalist folk to dark and ominous without a weird bump in the road. I’ll be playing this on repeat and encourage you to do the same and you can do so for free at the band’s Soundcloud page.

Dragonette – Bodyparts (Dragonette Inc.)

Photo by Kristin Vicari

In an odd bit of serendipity, almost all of the artists I’ve listened to have been singing songs about New York and Dragonette‘s first track “Run Run Run” hit so close to home it’s almost bordering on ridiculousness. The songs that follow are filled with upbeat pop rock that provide a fun easily enjoyable soundscape.


Music Extras: Grab Meshell Ndegeocello’s cover featuring Valerie JuneBe My Husband” from the upcoming Nina Simone tribute album.

Stream Grass Widow’s low-fi surf rock tune “Disappearing Industries.”

Grab a free download of the KOPPS jam “Digitalis” off of their fantastic (in song and in title) EP, “F*ck Jams.”

Stream and download the first single, “Diamonds,” from Midnight Magic’s upcoming full length coming out this November:

Midian’s “Bitter” is a slow, sensual R&B hit that will make you want to drop the lights down low and grab the nearest hottie to get that slow dance on with.

Azealia Banks gives off some fierce REALNESS with this track and with that, I’m off to go get my dance shoes ready for tonight.

That’s all for this week but I’ll be back (now with internet) next week with more new music for you. In the meantime and between time, you can follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook or stalk my Spotify playlists.

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