N.Y. Scene Summer 2012


Another party that has just been launched is Queer and Utter Bedlam, a semimonthly Tuesday night queer party headed by Truck Stop host MC Specs. Said Specs, “I want people in the queer community to be able to come to a space that showcases their work and shows off the achievements that they have made.” At the last Queer and Utter Bedlam, local sex toy house New York Toy Collective and queer jewelry makers set up booths as DC transplant DJ Mo spun hip hop favorites. Truck Stop dancer Kayce Gogo was dancing on the bar, and a special drink called “pussy juice” was served, although I opted for Jameson.

I spy the magical headband as seen on The Real L Word and its host, Switz

R – MC Specs

The rest of the gallery can be found here.

The next Queer and Utter Bedlam is September 18, and to find out where it is being held, sign up for their Facebook group.

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