The Weekly Geek: Nerding out your home


In the past couple of months, a couple of wonderful things have happened to me. First, I was able to move across the country (yup, all 3,000 miles from coast to coast) to live with my girlfriend. In the second, arguably even better piece of news, I’ve somehow managed to get said, previously not-at-all-into-sci fi girlfriend totally and completely addicted to Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I consider this a feat on par with this week’s incredible Mars landing (have you been following Curiosity? It’s amazing).

Luckily for both of those things, Annalee Newitz at I09 has just posted a fantastic gallery of nerdy (mostly sci-fi, but gaming related as well) decorations suitable for any home. They are especially suitable to geek homes, naturally, and now, my number one craving. From I09:

I recently turned one wall of my house into a Space Invaders game with the help of Blik, a company that sells decals you can stick pretty much anywhere for instant awesomeness. Turn a blank ceiling into a star field, or your bed into a gothic fantasy zone. Here are a few of the patterns Blik has right now, from gorgeous fantasy illustrations to crazy robots, that you can grab and stick over your desk right now (provided there is a wall over your desk).

They have some very cool designs, including plenty of weird and wonderful animal themes, and more funky robots and spaceships than you’ll know what to do with. Although, I am still waiting for an adequate “here’s my window view from the side of the habitat ring.” Maybe I need to wait a few years for that one.

Do you have any dorky decals, posters, or other wall art in your living space?

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