New Music Tuesday: Clare and the Reasons, JJAMZ, Nona Hendryx & More


Welcome back to another Tuesday packed with some great new tunes. I’ve got a super busy and exciting few weeks ahead of me because I’ll be visiting my girl Trish Bendix out in Portland and then making my way out to L.A. July 20-31st to see Karman Kregloe and Bridget McManus. If you live in either place and have some recommendations for places that I shouldn’t miss – particularly music venues – please let me know! I’ve already made Karman and Bridget promise to babysit me and make sure I don’t accidentally agree to be cast in any reality television programs so I should have a good amount of free time on my hands. On with the tunes but come back tomorrow to read about Upshot, Mornin’ Old Sport, Erika Spring, NiRe AllDai and Nona Hendryx!

JJAMZ – Suicide Pact (Dangerbird)


Photo Courtesy of Dangerbird

Any band that pronounces their name with a stuttered “Jams!” is one that I automatically want to love but they better bring the jams so that I can have a reason to buy a shirt with their names on it at a concert. Suicide Pact is, thankfully, filled with the heat and borrows flavors from a handful of bands that I know and adore – which, I guess doesn’t come as such a surprise since this band is a veritable supergroup of indie-artists from bands like Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, Maroon 5, The Like and Phantom Planet. Press play, enjoy, repeat.

Clare and the Reasons – KR-51 (Frog Stand)

Photo Courtesy of Big Hassle

My ears desperately want to swalow this album whole. It won’t be for everyone – as there is a tinge of darkness that casts an eerie cloud on over the soft, childlike vocals of singer Clare Muldaur Manchon. If you’re looking to dive head-first into a thoughful album with complex arrangements tied together beautifully with a unique grouping of instruments, look no further. You can stream the album in its entirety over at

Marina and The Diamonds – Electra Heart (679 Recordings)

Photo Courtesy of Fly Life Inc.

I’ve enjoyed Marina’s music on a single-by-single basis over the past couple of years and while there are definitely some really well-done songs on this full-length, it’s not a great album from front to back. She excels on songs like “Homewrecker” and “Starring Role” – the latter of which surprised me with how well it would fit into a mix alongside some of Rihanna’s slower but heavier-hitting songs. There’s something to be said for taking chances and getting outside of your comfort zone to see where else you can test your limits and I’m pretty sure that’s what she’s doing here. So while I’m not absolutely in love with this release, I think it’s a really good sign for things to come from this artist in the future.

Honorable Mentions: Definitely check out and Frank Ocean’s latest release – not only is he a great artist, he also took a brave step by coming out as bisexual. I’ve seen him retweeting a lot of hate-speak being sent his way but hope he knows he’s got a lot of family ready with open arms. There are also releases from Aesop Rock, Supreme CutsTwin Shadow, Dirty Projectors, Dusted and P.O.D.

Music Extras: Stream the Girl In A Coma cover of “Heatwave” – which is exactly what I’m experiencing right now.

Here’s another new single to download and enjoy from The Raveonettes called “She Owns The Streets.

Stream this awesome track, “Hurricane” from MS MR:

The always brilliant Ms. Amanda Palmer has a new video out with The Grand Theft Orchestra for her track “Want It Back,” but since the video is age restricted you’ll have to go directly to YouTube to check it out (assuming you are of age of course).

Stars is coming back with some new music at the end of the summer and you can stream their first single here:

That’s all for today but remember to come back tomorrow for more new music! As always, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter or currently at a Caribou coffee shop.